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Patrick Tillman, the player who left NFL fame to die in war at 27

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Throughout his career, Patrick Tillman has been one of the men the most respected on the gridsespecially when he made the decision to leave the field and join the army.

Just when he was at his sporting best, the player put aside his dreams and fought for his country.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, Pat pulled herself together and wanted to give back to her nation a little of what she had given her.

Tillman changed the act of running to celebrating a touchdown, do it to save his life in a field, but of battle.

Arizona State University saw him take his first steps on the gridiron, playing in a position not so common for a guy of his stature, as he served as a linebacker, despite his 1.80 cm.

Its qualities immediately attracted attention, although for some experts its size was an obstacle.

Pat knew his performance was the only thing that could take him far, so he put the criticism aside and worked twice as hard. since his dream was to reach the NFL.

Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots, pointed out, at the time, that Tillman was a man of tremendous mental intelligencewhat differentiated him from others.

For the 1998 draft, Patrick managed to settle in an NFL franchise, being the Arizona Cardinals, the team that gave him the opportunity to realize his dream.

In practice, Tillman caught the attention of his teammates, as he arrived on his bike and with a few books under his arm.

This image of a cute boy was left behind on the pitch, because he was a brave guy who was not afraid of anything, so he gradually became a star, to the point of being one of the favorite players. fans.

However, in 2002, his patriotic heart pushed him to enlist in the army, when the United States took on Afghanistan to eradicate terrorism.

The cardinals had offered him $3.6 million a year, but he wanted to represent his country on another front.

As of April 22, 2004, the sports world was shaken by his deathafter one of his companions took him for a Taliban and opened fire.

Tillman’s story will go down in history as that of a hero who left everything for his nation, though for many it was unnecessary.

Source metroecuador.com

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