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“Part of my innocence remained there: the ex-girlfriend of Gerard Pique speaks out in full separation with his ex

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The entertainment world has been convulsed in recent weeks and the breakup of Shakira and Gerard Pique added fuel to the fire, making headlines international media.

After going viral infidelity of the player and that the Colombian formalized his separation, they stayed away from the interviews, but each of its stages has been analyzed.

In the middle of the scandal was trapped Nuria Thomas, ex-girlfriend of the FC Barcelona player, who released a documentary about his life and made a comment related to Pique.

What did Núria Tomas say?

In the midst of promoting promotions material revealed that she will recount some of the situations in her story that made her become the woman she is today, especially the one that happened to her 21 years old and it changed his life.

“Something happened to me that completely changed my life. I always say that part of my innocence stayed there. I started to be someone else. A friend appeared, until then we were friends, and we became a couple”, he concluded.

Immediately, his followers recounted his words to Gerard because their love story took place around 13 years when she was 21.

Amid the flurry of speculation that arose and the bombing he suffered in social networks decided to break the the silence and explain your situation.

“It’s very good to be quiet but (…) this time I didn’t handle it so well. It was harassment and a total demolition of my phone, ”he started by saying.

Likewise, he clarified that if they had come to his account looking for information for your comment, better not to follow it.

“Just tell yourself if you came to this account because they sold you that I did a series where I talk about a relationship I had 12 years ago, don’t buy it not, because you will be disappointed”, he said.

Nouria He pointed out that the azulgrana is only mentioned in two minutes of the first chapter because it refers to the couples who have affected him a lot since his youth, not only Pique, and that he has no interest in not not knowing that he was part of his life and can name him when he wants and how you want, but clarified: “If you’re looking for gossip, there’s none.”

The woman stressed that she did not intend for her program to take place in the midst of the separation from her ex.

“It coincided with the news of my ex-girlfriend, whom I didn’t even know. (…) As my father says, what they say cannot be avoided, but it can be avoided if it is true “, he specified.

Despite this, many say he took advantage of the scandal to release his documentary.

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