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Paralympic Blog 2022: Linn Kazmaier, 15, wins gold – Paralympics Newspaper

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When the daughter leads the mother

Linda Le Bon had to be led by her daughter when she first participated in the Paralympic Games. Behind guide Ulla Gilot, the 57-year-old visually impaired skier descended the slopes of Beijing and was allowed to hear a lot. “She screams all the time,” the Belgian complained with a smile. “It’s not easy. I have to turn off the ‘mom’. She leads.”

Gilot, 22, can understand his mother’s difficulties due to the change of roles. “I think I yell a lot,” she said. “I tell her to look at me and listen to me, which is not easy for her as my mother.”

Daughter Ulla replaced the intended guide Pierre Couquelet shortly before the start of the Paralympic Games. The only condition: everyone has their own room in the Paralympic village. Le Bon has competed on the Yanqing track four times so far. Fifth place in the super combination was the best result. “I have to take her down,” explained Ulla Gilot. “And if she makes a big mistake, it’s probably because I didn’t tell her to go left or right or on the outside ski because she doesn’t see it.”

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