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Packers may need to change the way they do business to sign Davante Adams

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The Packers rarely use the franchise tag. When they do, it becomes very difficult to turn a year’s guaranteed salary into a long-term deal.

It’s tough because the Packers don’t guarantee money beyond the first year of a veteran contract, for all players except the quarterback. This will greatly complicate any effort to turn the franchise offer applied to wide receiver Davante Adams into a long-term deal.

Adams’ franchise tag guarantees him $20.145 million this season, if he accepts it. The two sides have until July 15 to reach a multi-year deal.

The usual approach to turning a franchise bid into a long-term deal involves guaranteeing the current year’s tag and the next year’s tag, with a 20 percent increase. That’s $44.319 million, fully guaranteed at signing. As minimum.

In fact, Adams can choose to play under the tag this year and next; if that happens, he would earn $44.319 million. So unless the Packers offer at least that much guaranteed now, there’s no reason to sign a long-term deal.

Adams has reportedly told the Packers that he will not play under the franchise tag. Le’Veon Bell’s approach involves a lot of risk, especially with more than $20 million at stake. Regardless, unless the Packers put $44.319 million on the table now, there’s no reason for Adams to make a long-term deal.

This week, the Packers signed linebackers Preston Smith and De’Vondre Campbell to new deals. None have guaranteed money beyond this season. The Packers won’t be willing to do that for Adams, either. If they don’t, the only approach is to go year after year under the label.

Packers may need to change the way they do business for Davante Adams to sign originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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