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Outside kyiv: Journalist injured by US broadcaster in Ukraine – Politics

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According to Ukrainian sources, planned evacuations of civilians from the besieged port city of Mariupol have again largely failed. A convoy of private cars could have left Mariupol on Monday in the direction of the city of Berdyansk, more than 70 kilometers to the west, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereschuk said in the evening, according to the Unian agency. “But our humanitarian shipment has not yet reached Mariupol, it is still in Berdyansk.” The situation in Mariupol is catastrophic, Vereshchuk emphasized: “People are fighting for food and water, that’s where a nightmare unfolds.”

Vereshchuk expressly contradicted statements by the Russian Defense Ministry that a mass evacuation of civilians had begun.. Russian Major General Mikhail Mizintsev also said that a first aid convoy successfully delivered 450 tons of medicine, food and baby food.

According to Ukrainian information, the first civilians managed to escape on their own from the city on the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov during the course of the day: more than 160 private cars could have left Mariupol in the direction of Berdyansk, it was said in the early afternoon. . However, the convoy with relief supplies did not make it through, nor did the buses that should have taken more civilians out of the city.

In recent days, the convoy had to turn around several times in the direction of Berdyansk due to the ongoing fighting. Even evacuation attempts failed time and time again, despite agreed firebreaks and escape corridors. Russia and Ukraine blamed each other for this. The people of Mariupol have been stuck without electricity, heat or water for days. According to observers, medicine and food are in short supply.

According to Ukrainian information, ten escape corridors from particularly disputed towns and villages were planned throughout the country on Monday. However, planned evacuations in the Kyiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions also failed to materialize, Vereshchuk said. (dpa)

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