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Outrage over case: Despite woman shooting her three children dead, she was declared not charged

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Cases of murders between relatives generally shock the communities in which they occur, but the one that has been made public in recent days aroused great indignation in the country. The case was presented in the municipality of Varela palm grove in the department of Atlantic and involves a Women What he murdered his three children in his own home.

The events unfolded last February 18, 2015, while the woman allegedly committed the terrible act in the house where she lived with her boyfriend. The man arrived at his home around 9:30 p.m., discovering the terrible scene, after the woman took a knife, he slaughtered his three children, one by one, in the room where he slept and on top of that, later, he cut his neck and his veins with the same bladed weapon.

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The shocking nature of the case immediately opened a judicial investigation, which after a rigorous investigation ended up determining that the woman, identified by the name of Johana del Carmen Montoya Rosario, must be declared unassailable. It should be mentioned that in two cases the woman was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the aggravated crime, since it was committed against protected populationa, how are the boys and girls.

However, the Supreme Court of Justice, after evaluating the woman’s case, he opted to declare her incompetent, in addition to dictating the measure of internment in a psychiatric center for 20 years. The Court determined that Johana she could not be sentenced to prison because she was abused from an early age, she received no education and no medical treatment for her schizophrenia disorderwhich consists of hearing voices urging her to kill herself.

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Therefore, the status of women determined that the crime was committed in the middle of a psychotic episode triggered Well, a few days before, he had found his father sexually abusing one of his young children.

The Supreme Court also clarified that “he acted without being able to discern the reproach of his behavior, because at that time his ability to interpret the world and the meaning of his actions was substantially impaired”, according to the document of which he is the rapporteur. Judge José Francisco Acuña Vizcaya. In addition to finding women not responsible, the Court has also established parameters for conducting analyzes with a gender perspective for situations of normalized violence. The instructions make it possible to establish the link between this approach and the determination of non-imputability.

Source metroecuador.com

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