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Good news: l’Escola Bloom has created the Dedalus Library, a collection d’assaig amb l’editorial Periscopi. Four tracks l’any. Inspired by the school’s seminars, the teachers will sign them and fully engage in the conversations in class. Literature in particular, but also philosophy, psychoanalysis and cultural criticism are available for general transformative thinking à la Bloom.

If I go back a few years, no gaires, we will find a munt d’articles planyen of the small area of ​​l’assaig in Catalan, panoramas worthy of the authors and the editorials that dedicate them. X-ray what’s new and what the weather can hold, we don’t have a hi-cap here, but the trend has changed and Dedalus ens confirms happiness: tindrem assaigs de Marina Garcés, Víctor García Tur, Ramon Mas, Emily McBride, Iris Llop and Sebastià Jovani.

Per costum – because it was kept secret by the Academy – the genre of the assaig is usually headed enunciant l’objecte d’estudi i, de vegades, with a false humiliation, is usually accompanied by the usual “approach to,” reflections al voltant de» i «speculacions sobre» Interestingly, the first two volumes of Dedalus have an imperative title, more typical of the pamphlet Plagiarized my love!by Manel Olle, i shut up and pay (Encounters between politics and psychoanalysis), d’Inés García López. Yes veiem, ja podem dir that the hybridization, the dialogue between the genres and the will to style will be a hallmark of the house, something we celebrate.

Together with the title escopetejador and between the treatment of different objects, all two texts address the fragility of what is vol fer passar per original, followed identity, followed ideas and speeches themselves, authority or literary work. Served by a great archeology so as not to damage the idea of ​​plagiarism, Manel Ollé finally reveals who beats the heart of the best literature. With a clear and documented writing and progression, Inés García dismantles the masks of the Jo in the current context of the subject’s discomfort, each time menys vinculat i paradoxically more connected; each police officer more good service and more dissatisfied.

Claim dialogues with the environment and that is not alone in the endless chains of demonstration or author’s applause; assaig, which incorporates and fuses the academic gesture with other gestures, with the poetic or the political; assaig, who saves the genre per dalt, fent-lo baixar del magistral pulpit, but also rehabilitates per baix, salvant-lo dels popularizers de baixa estofa.

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