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opinion | Virginia Woolf, controversy

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Virginia Woolf will begin to keep diaries for twenty-three years, and in them she will write the last rats before throwing herself into the River Ouse, to Sussex, base of the lloc, who formerly wrote with Leonard the Seu Marit. Here a police officer assigned to the writer will select about four hundred pages from some blocks, making a total of three thousand, and will donate them to the printers. She will deal with letting go of the seva dona, and doncs, she will not only eliminate many pages, but also the passages related to people she lives, she has repaid, and especially those showing a candy Virginia Woolf. Much later, in 1977, Anne Olivier Bell will publish the unabridged edition.

As an act of love, Leonard’s company will be unapproachable; A tribute to true Virginia history and thought, it will be an act of Massa Pietós i Massa Allunyat of the writer’s full and turbulent life. For example, here are chapters of the quotes transliterated into translations not in the book I annotated: Virginia Woolf, Diari d’una escriptora, Leonard Woolf’s selection, translation and epistle by Dolors Udina (Barcelona, ​​​​​​Vienna Editions, 2022).

See here some Quants d’aquests invisible passages: “Els imbècils haurien de ser eliminats”, “Els jueus brutegen” – n’hi ha de tota mena, com de cristians -, “Multiple is an ontological mass and also despicable ” – here arose Bloomsbury’s elitism, inevitably -, ‘Els alemanys són a xusma’ – Woolf will die in 1941, in the midst of the world war -, ‘Kensington High Street, we rule l’stómac, amb la seva innumerable gifts of incredible mediocrity, brutes with the Water to hire the dishes’, and Leonard Woolf, his husband, ‘is a putney game, feel a ral’ – but Virginia was happy to call this home If you travel to Portugal on a cruise ship, you’ll find an Board “Massa jueus portuguesos i altres objects – no diu “subjectes” – repulsius, però ens en keep apartats”. Tot això will not go to the Woolf-Spencer-Parella eslviar to demonstrate against feixisme and l’antisemitisme endavant: contradictions and relliscades troubled in all the great figures of history.

Of course, neither do the diaries, which Leonard Woolf will edit in part, reveal the serious dislike the male member reverses, and the serious – certainly very nice – to the sophic relationships with Vita Sackville-West and other gifts he will cherish. Havia de fer, the Catalan publisher, another trio of the many pages of Virginia Woolf’s diaries? Potser yes, I potser no callia.

It didn’t work mainly because, as I called the title of this anthology, the one that Leonard Woolf will offer to the public in 1953, as well as the Catalan translation – so good, Udina, that you are the only Catalan writer who ” extreme’ rather than ‘extreme’, which is more aviat is the way Pertegaz dresses the presents –, a writer’s diary.

Stay with us, ladies, in describing her facts at the time of writing – Woolf was battling bipolar illness and she is being diagnosed there – with the strong idea that Don Quixote a book of vegacies avorrit – it was mitja veritat , because it has always endured in Spanish thanks to the quality of the style – as well as the idea that Joyce’s Ulysses was a “llibre fallit” – I was entitled to express an opinion on that – as well as criticism of Henry James’s novels per massa, inspired by the English welfare class and estates units, as well as the seves sovintejades references as diners

– The one who will write a book in which she thinks a girl must have her own room and 500 liures a l’any, cap fortuna, to write a novel – and with the healthy age she seeks so much Shakespeare – to whom not? – with Tolstoy, always carregat of life.

This element, “Life”, is the one that strays further from Virginia Woolf’s novel, possibly because of a (healthy) resistance to sentimentality. I shall pose no more for Alfa, proudly so, than for Mrs. Dalloway; but això will be pel fet de voler, write an “explorer” novel – així ho keeps writing vegades – that is, experimental. I will say that she will be the best given the magma of said literature of English Modernism, thanks in particular to the domain of all that is in Latin rhetoric deia la inventio, la dispositio i l’elocutio – la music of phrases in English .

I will write a novel that Borges preferred of all seven, Orlando, and tell a case of transsexuality dedicated not only to the seva friend Sackville-West, but to any person who defends or practices non-binaryity on the battlefield has discussions about “gender” – the strategy thanks to which feminism will one day emerge victorious.

Sigui com sigui, there is also evidence – how much ideology in all Plegat! – that the scholars devoted to “postcolonial feminism” – which no longer specializes – criticize her and all members of the Bloomsbury group per privilege, classistes, racists and anti-Semites. How much war! (in Greek, polemos).

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