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opinion | The speakers are the pairs

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The darrera tendència in diagnosing the situation of Catalan, especially in relation to the use of language between children and adolescents, is això to say that the scoundrel now has no referents. Referents in Catalan, s’entén, perquè de referents en tenen. It is considered that when young people interact in Spanish, they have nothing to discuss in Catalan, considering that on the usual consumer markets (digital platforms, YouTube videos, videojocs, etc.) Catalan is missing at some levels more than remarkable. And here you see that for many conventional wisdom, linguists or not, the solution to the language’s worrying health followed a generous investment in all these areas and logically strengthened the system of referents propis. Per Mauser it is the paper that will have Bola de Drac on the second day and the one that now has Eufòria.

However, focusing on this lack of references makes it easier to reduce the diagnosis and solution fence, as there are some quants who believe this will be fixed by doing more than Netflix or by investing in the quota creators for Young People. I això sense consider that in past times there were many menys of referents n’hi: servers, of Petit, could access the language through the Catalan circuit of TVE, the magazine Cavall Fort, some comic translations theater groups like U de Cuc , but cinema was impossible and radio was limited to Radio 4. The villain’s collective referees at the time were Kermit the Frog, Mazinger Z, and Chanquete’s coi.

The question, ladies, is not so much whether he has good references or not (we can debate if something is missing or if a sector has deficiencies, but it is clear that we are not a desert), but why these references it is not shared. Or vice versa, which has been confirmed in the past, that the lack of references has not harmed the progress of the language over the course of two decades, that of the New and Noranta of the 20th century, in which famous children and young people castellanoparlants will den malgrat català Integrate Feel-it names in l’escola or l’institut. I can’t say that TV3 will play a fundamental role in this process, a role that will often be lacking, but I’d be naïve to think that both Dallas and Bola de Drac won’t stand a chance.

The great change operated in the linguistic normalization of the Darrers Anys was the infantilization of the promotion of Catalan, based on the unique Gairebé commitment in the power of the school as the motor element of language and the consecration of children and children as agents of normalization . We donate because we believe that immersion would account for language skills, but we don’t worry about that, especially when the kids come home. The reversal of the papers was critical: if all the young people and Noranta were the adults who recognize the need to learn Catalan well, both for them (they will enroll in language courses) and for all their fillings (people go to lluitar for immersion), now they are the fills bringing Catalan home for the first time because the perception has been lost that the language will continue to be necessary for all adults.

We can promote speakers in the audio visual, social media or video jocs but just as we made mistakes when we all posed in the school quotes, we will also make mistakes when they all pose us in the creation of quotes. In order to promote Catalan among young people, we cannot do without adults and the perception that they pass on to children through the language. Potser a pair that hints at Catalan tea classes rather than a YouTuber. In this sense it is important to spread Catalan in the world of work, I will have the idea that it is useful and necessary to find and improve the fine and if the social actors participate: the entrepreneurs, because in the language, they have an element of first-rate corporate social responsibility; the trade unions, because the language rights of employees must also be the subject of claims under labor law. I meanwhile, clarify, promote the creation of continguts in Catalan because the talent exhibition is not escà and has hi qui te wins d’accedir-hi.

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