We know that everyone dares when it comes to linguistic diversity, but the shamelessness that some accuse everything that integrates difference will not cease to amaze. Hom Pot writes a daily article openly arguing about the extinction of languages ​​by mijà de l’Euphemism “minimise diversity” and not passa res, quanprobament los mateixos propòsits, Aplicats altres distintius elements de l’individu com son la race, religion or sexual orientation easily justify the author’s adherence to totalitarian ideologies. I ja no cal or sols an ideological or philosophical argument, suffice it to remind us of the economic costs that linguistic diversity entails in running through all the languages ​​of the world and sticking with a dozen.

It is also interesting to look at the critics of diversity s’agafen to reflections on what are the languages ​​that have already expired dins the mateixa reflected linguistics. Veiem, així, com sovint s’atribueix as Defenders de les Llengües minoritàries romantic theses to identify the llengua amb el People, i per tant amb the construction of birth (això ho defense Prat de la Riba, però avui ja no ho soste ningú); or theses like that of Sapir-Wolf stating that the language reflects a way of seeing the world, as well as the theme that the Eskimos have all the paragraphs to refer to the new language. A language reflects the world, but it does not construct the look with which we represent that world.

From time to time, language seems to have become the ultimate reducer of those seeking the privilege of being able to exercise baroque discrimination. A metge pugui is not known to refuse anyone medical attention based on skin color or religious belief and in return this is done with language only under the pretense of understanding and lack of resources to ensure you understand. Once again, the costs associated with linguistic diversity are the liberal alibi for approaching the great language, the common language unburdened by the ethical judgment of the media that has acquired a privileged position. Refers to languages ​​with hundreds of millions of speakers and large histories of violence.

I still have no criticism of the ups and downs that the great languages ​​have created, there is no doubt that I am undermining the efforts of the small languages ​​when I undertake processes of normalization, always suspicious of being nurtured by the most wretched nationalism tot i tractar -se de projects endgats en democràcia. I move to Catalonia specifically, for Majories àmplies. If you speak a great language you can speak the world and you will understand, you are dynamic and cosmopolitan; If you speak dainty language and practice as such, you are excellent, provincial, the only one who will be the eldest child, and to those who are not like you.

Hello, there is one element that the defenders of the great languages ​​ignore: they can speak more than one language. It is possible that they do not know, because the most monolingual are precisely the speakers of large languages. If the possibility of not missing out on the rest of the languages ​​​​is considered by the languages ​​of privilege (which unfortunately goes against nature), veuria in PINGLòssia is the way to make a pact between the languages ​​that guarantees the spread of them uniting and the survival of others, in a balance that guarantees both a band’s cosmopolitanism and the need to anchor others. Well, I know that because I love the world, I need to equip myself with other languages ​​in order to understand myself, but it’s possible for my language to flourish normally in the space that’s natural to me .

Així appreciates a Espanya. The only way the other languages ​​can survive is because the language is given a great deal and enough room to survive that guarantees language rights comparable to fundamental rights linked to race, gender or sexual orientation. It is not about tying the language to a people, nation or belief, but simply about exercising rights as eaters who speak.

I would not be ashamed of hauria de power dir sinn passar, because both menys llengües would be better; sembla that no n’hi prou que tots ja parlem castellà has that we need to stop talking about other things more.

Source elpais.com

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