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opinion | Keep the Catalan


The good news is that whenever there are more initiatives promoting the maintenance of Catalan with the Stranys, it is said that they do not converge in the conversational cap with Castilian, while the arguments supporting the opposite behavior point to it are so classic I’m so pro-Francoist for good education. Conversing in Spanish with someone who assumes they speak Spanish takes training, as does holding the elevator door or carrying both Veí Purchasing bosses. Ah, and me too hi ha l’argument, this latest i mutnahme d’esquerres to speak to a stranger in Catalan, especially if he’s a low-wage worker, he’s a supremacist because it’s believed that the Catalan burgès vol sisplau per força that l’atenguin in the seva llengua. Now if you want an Entrepà dolç et poden dir de tot with pork.

I won’t say that you are from the Catalan language, in Catalonia it is a fundamental right. Yes les tenim, aquestes dèries. Today, the Statute and the Language Policy Law state that if, for some reason in life, it is vague to speak Catalan in any area of ​​public space, there are no longer any explanations. Because it is a tract of això, the attempt to maintain the presence of Catalan in a context of accidental and spontaneous social interactions (amb el cambrer, la de la fleca, la que trick per vendre’t coses, el delivery man) , that it was of phenomenal size and, above all, had enormous visual impact. A qualsevol visitor from the city of Barcelona might conclude that gaire hesitated that això del català should be a day of quatre barretinaires because he, the Català, did not feel enlloc.

We’re still not brilliant, but the future of Catalan doesn’t depend on the ferrenya attitude of Catalan speakers not to switch languages. There are many structures that influence Catalan and depend more on the behavior of administrations and the market than on the disposition of the Catalan speaker. But yes, it is in the hands of speakers not to completely alienate the public space in favor of some languages, especially Spanish, which have advantages of being fully flourished. What is clear is that there will always be these equidistant cosmopolitans who will say that the languages ​​are not a problem for them, that they are considered dead and are not a fan of the drama of jumping into the Castellà, because they turn out to be more correct to the others. D’aqui a us anys haurem de veure com Sustain l’equidistància amb el no-res.

Those who do not know what face to portray when speaking Spanish are so many Catalans who, oh wonderful, have an alternative skin color (allowing the adoption of white skin as canonical Catalan skin, em va bé per a l’ reasoning ). The more it goes the more ridiculous it gets because the skin difference isn’t due to migration, it’s because I’m black and I was born here. These apostles of good education and sustained empathy are used to throwing themselves into the castellan when they ascribe enough foreignness conditions to the other to activate the mechanisms of condescension, all this combined with skin color and dress enough ignorance of the Catalan language. “I’m sure that this worker comes from abroad, I’ll speak Spanish,” thinks the equidistant ben educat. “That soc de Vic, carallot,” thinks the interlocutor. The racialization of the other in the use of language and the presupposition-Li’in of separation is an explicit form of microracism.

And yes, Cal stays in Català. First why hello tenim dret. Segon, because 95% of the population will understand, and because we can find someone who doesn’t, it’s difficult for us to be excited all the time. Thirdly, because if we renounce the language at the beginning of the change, we throw away the missatge that what is so important (Catalan, neither more nor less) from fet is not so important. Quart why are the nouvinguts molting that anat have to offer catalan courses but later the native carallots not the parlen. I cinquè, perquè, to change language, is not veure amb la bona educació, but amb patronizing prejudice. I face more, what am I: For now, in the face of overwhelming pressures from globalization, tourism and state languages, speaking a minority language is the most personal and intimate form of rebellion.


Source elpais.com

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