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opinion | Fifty Ombres d’en Cambray

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Potser n’esperàvem massa, from the Consell Lingüístic Assessor, who had to provide the Ministry of Education with measures to apply the new language law in school and, above all, to reverse the tendency towards regression that the language presents as educational centers. The constitution of the council, chaired by the linguist Carme Junyent, had been celebrated with the demonstration that the ministry was determined to pose for the eagle after many years of atony, and also with the hope of trusting a following of professionals from their reference Knowledge would contribute independently and impartially. Now Minister Josep González-Cambray has given you about 50 proposals from the experts, but you still need to know what is farà because they are non-binding measures and like everyone else I have not included the list of Fredes and heaters.

What draws the greatest attention to the presented document is its lack of specificity. Però potser ja had to be això, we don’t know. If someone expects certain measures to expand the Catalan language to the country, it is more likely that he will follow a series of utterances that are, to a good extent, the aims or principles of educational legislation, which, because they are not, they record i demani que s’apliquin, redundan en la sensació that legal evidence. For example, proposal 3 said that the school must contribute to the knowledge of the Catalan language; the 9th day, which favors the learning of the Catalan language for newcomers; i them 26 i 27 ens remember the sign derived from the darrera llei, això, that the castellà també was pot llengua d’aprenentatge and that no s’hi val a establir percentages.

It is prudent to also ask how it is that the masters learn the measures likely to be derived from the propositions, since they need not be directly assenyal. What’s up? Proposal 15 (“La llengua emprada als centers no pot respondre a un tria personal”) is so obvious that it only states pel fet, prou sabut that many teachers speak the language they speak; While the 17th raises the revision of training in Catalan for all teaching and non-teaching staff, presumably davant del fet, also prou sabut that the teaching staff does not always have the best knowledge of Catalan. Fin i tot, Proposal 18 dares to condition access to the education system to the assessment of these skills to see what they say of unions.

In the list of Hi-Trobem proposals there is also a section dedicated to the new legislation, això dels projectes lingüístics de center (PLC), as well as some drafts, which however sembla a diàleg dels Dupont-Dupond (proposal 21: ” The Department of Education will define a common frame of reference for the creation and review of PLCs”; Suggestion 22: “Educational centers will create or redefine their PLCs in accordance with the frame of reference established by the Department of Education”; no Caldria but). Nor do we escape the obvious, as the administration will assess the centers when drafting the PLC (23); that the PLC is part of the center’s educational project (24); or that the PLC s’haurà d’anar avaluant per modifi-lo si convé (25, 31).

But there is also a guide to the suggestions. At the moment when one talks about the social networks, there seems to be a little more than a will to be concrete (perhaps it is not the YouTuber Pol Gise who is responsible?) And there is no lack of measures to make von Peus to play a Terra . Therefore, Proposals 38-42 both intend to bring materials from the authors into the classroom by creating classroom materials for the authors and aim to encourage visits to the Reference and Influencer Centers, as is the case with both authors is the case. Potser tot plegat would serve to present a creative and loving environment to the Xarxes, the unique missatge donated by schools and institutes from the social Xarxes with a hostile space where aggression and fortune reign.

Minister Cambray has made several proposals and found the photo, but he does not know how he will reverse the dynamics of the pati or saturate the retreat from Catalan into the classrooms facilitated by pedagogical innovation, nor how he will do so for non-teachers, particularly carers and those responsible for extracurricular activities, are fluent in Catalan. As with the Fifty ombres d’en Gray, I hope to do a second part here as well.

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