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opinion | Arrive with zero atmosphere

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Els theoretical models només són això: teories. I know the theories based on the assumption of ideal and non-existent conditions. The case of the falling speed of an object is typical, for example: Physics says that in a theoretical situation (sensual atmosphere) two objects have the same speed, regardless of their weight, because the acceleration is constant (the famous 9.8 m / s). The problem is that we live in a world with one atmosphere and there is an extragravitational factor that affects the rate of fall: the fregament. It’s my fault, and I can’t get beyond the massa de l’objecte, that a full cau més gradually becomes more than a lead bullet.

Soviet literature is said to be an operation emblant. Volem fer veure que los libres do not exist within a system but are published in the buit, so we insist on invoking these zero atmosphere conditions, which in the case of the literature are synonymous with being able to achieve the working sense cap conditioning. It’s the hate factor extraliterari. A work should have the value només pels seus mèrits literaris.

Among the extraliterary factors there are not two that characterize the molt com llegim: the author and the publisher.

If we could experiment with gifting a material text to different readers and fooling them with the author’s name, I think we could show that it would be worth being the object of literary quality of which we know who wrote him. Not the llegiríem are equal when they say he is an acclaimed author or a debutant, a dretes or d’esquerres, a heterosexual or a queer person, a media author or a queer, a teenager or a senior, a drunkard or a saint . Hi has the prejudices, and also hi has the recognition and confidence that an author knows how to manage amb el temps. Separating the author from the work is complicated; It implies getting the books as if you weren’t writing anything. The one that gave us: nonexistent theoretical conditions.

Likewise, an identical text published by two different publishers is not the same either. Every publisher has its own image, loved by every book published and with which it communicates both its history and the way it works. I also have hello prejudices in això, that’s clear. Així is produeixen fenomens with the fanatics of periscopi or the empedreïts detractors of the big groups. Did I get a Club Editor book and a Penguin Random House book with the hire? I would say no It turns out that if we don’t publish books, we can’t get books either.

I would donate to another article to see what happens to the premises (nets) of an unpublished work that is the most s’acosta al tast a blind in literature.

Theories are an ideal – i està molt bé bé tiir ideals – but books exist for a man. To be able to arrive with virginity Caldria to publish the Muts texts: sense of authorship, sense of editing. Only there could we arrive under zero-atmosphere conditions. I all know that people cannot breathe in the buildings.

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