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Because I’m going to start writing cultural commentaries for the press and because in my Divuit Anyes the creative scene on Mallorca always has to come up late or late with the desired material, which I always describe right away at the end (or fets or the imagination don’t donate per month , ai): it is an indret full of valuable personalities, on such a basis there is no way to forge a fruitful collection teixit or, almenys, acollidor. Most causes are shared by each small ecosystem: capelletes, enveges and odis in stark contrast to an excess of uncritical diplomacy, institutional dependency with its inherent corruption… We all know the cantet.

But the insularity causes a special emmiralment, a premium distortion. I’m not talking about the so-called Mallorcan character, tancat or indecipherable or endogàmic (dois!); de fet, conec gent vinguda de fora that, a policeman between nosaltres, ben aviat takes on this distortion with his own… and with remarkable zeal! The case is that it sovint creates the false feeling of containing ho tot (tots els paisatges, els codis, les possibilitats…), finally to the point that els qui hi vivim just pensant-la com si fos un continent is. This self-referential premise, inoculated into the cultural circle, has been translated into a dramatic reduction of the playing field, the interlocutors, the breadth of perspectives… and you win them over to pretending to support the alien-encerts.

The artistic, literary, musical, or critical camps, on the other hand, need inner conflict and discomfort to keep their momentum going. But two boxers from a square of mig meter not s’haurien de colpejar: l’espai no ho permetria y, si s’hi entestessin, llavors la brega nomé could become purely lletjor de sang i butzes, misèria, agressió sense esport . However, they only have to help themselves to get out of the trap or at least not to start a new one. In Mallorca we have Conegut Massa people who are praised for blindly dispersing cops (or for turning the corner and two thousand meters from the cos agredit).

We try to see it differently. Let us all know that there is no such thing as a “creative scene” and a Mallorcan “culture”; full dir, not in a complete sense that guarantees critical mass, complex dialogues, methodical reception. The Marc l’hem d’establir mes enllà. Would it ever be so difficult for all of us to be with a modicum of generosity rather than alone with the millionaires among us? But I acknowledge the ingenuity of this recipe: tempta tant, esdevenir cap de ratolí!

Source elpais.com

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