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Professor and poet Joan Manuel Pérez i Pinya will die in Palma on May 5th. I was 59 years old and had two books published, renegade athletes (Ciutat de Palma Poetry Award) and recent mutilated fauna, which the publisher Lleonard Muntaner had circulated just a month earlier with Jordi Larios’ Proleg. Ai!, the news will know a lot about not saying: in Pérez i Pinya there was at the same time a human presence and a peculiar, friendly, civilized literature … a Mallorcan, sovint is a sinònim elegant de l’illa).

I spoke of “presence”. Now that we’re feeling optimistic, I’ll tell you that Mallorca’s cultural ecosystem doesn’t strike me as the most oxygenated of all possible. There are capelletes, bombegen silence, ideas s’estanquen: anòxies d’indret petit. Per descomptat, però, totes hores hi spring surprises. In March 2018, a certain “Gregori Samsó”, d’occupation “porter a Ca’n Solitud Industriosa”, requested friendship on Facebook. El malnom transvestia la identitat d’en Joan Manuel, amb qui des d’aquell mateix moment encetàrem a private conversation of the most enriching and generous that the xarxes have given me and to share all the pleasures, curses and biblical joys. On the other side of the chat, their missatges are combined with playful verses, with capricious iterations and liures, free offers to the interlocutor, poetic sonorities as soft as the tongue. At the expense of the notion of someone better than he writes (or who demands similar rigour). Quan filed an inédit al judici aliè, ho feia stating: “I will thank you for being intentionally cruel”.

Ca!, jo could not be so cruel: he was a Massabo writer, as the sonnets and directions of Fauna mutilada show, jockeying between tradition and Urgencia of the present, exact meter, ironic bonhomies, fluid sensuality: llegiul – lo, feu -vos the favor. Hello trobareu passadissos who connect Rosselló-Pòrcel amb Euphoria d’HBO, Ferrater amb Twitter, the richness of the canon amb els desordres del 2022… An effort exerted as if lyrical mathematics were a way of breathing.

I, so mateix, about people and their role in the cultural environment. Pérez i Pinya comforted me from the middle distance. I was also afraid to think of the different rhythms of the authors, of the talent that speaks (or offers himself to the public) late in Professor Pérez i Pinya’s matins, explaining the syntax while he is covava i covava una veu genuïna poetica. Fa temps em passà un narrat inédit i deliciós, “Cemera a la reserva índia”, about a director of an institution who has an idea that imagines it to be “great” for turning literature into propaganda and business. I do not believe in espòiler de l’ocurrència because I trust that one day the text will be published, but I will say això: in the hands of Joan Manuel Pérez i Pinya, literature was saved.

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