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Opentop, Valenciaport’s open innovation hub, launches its first incubation call

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Opentop, Valenciaport’s open innovation hub, opens the call for its 1st startup incubation program by launching four challenges related to the port logistics sector.

This initiative, led by the Valenciaport Foundation with support from Telefónica Open Future, aims to be “the gateway for technology startups seeking strong connections with leaders in the port logistics sector in the Port of Valencia”.

The call for his I Startup Incubation Program, which will remain open through July 31st. The initiative is looking for early-stage startups who are meeting the challenges of gaining access to an incubation program that begins in October and lasts three months.

The Port Authority of Valencia and TransBase Soler have proposed two of the four challenges in this tender and added two more “open top” challenges.

The first of the challenges facing the Port Authority of Valencia is to attract ports and citizens through gamification. Start-ups are sought that will help bring the port closer to citizens through the use of gamification: immersive, interactive, fun and attractive games to consolidate and improve knowledge of the port. The aim is to publicize the port, its players, activities and goals.

The TransBase Soler Challenge with the slogan “The container of the future” is aimed at early-stage start-ups that are developing a new concept of a smarter, more efficient single-use, but at the same time recyclable and sustainable container using new manufacturing and recycling processes such as 3D Pressure to avoid the movement of empty containers as much as possible.

“Towards Net Zero Emission Port” focuses on early-stage start-ups with technological solutions that can represent a significant step forward in achieving this goal: carbon capture or offsetting systems, micro/mini-generation renewable energy, optimizing and managing the energy mix, transporting and storing alternative fuels, monitoring environmental performance data to optimize ship operations, etc.

Finally, to improve the exchange of information between the actors in the logistics chain, innovative companies are sought with technological solutions capable of understanding any type of communication protocol and standards, processing, classifying, storing and transforming them in order to Send information to different recipients, regardless of which standard they use.


The projects registered in this call for proposals will be evaluated in various areas by a panel of experts who will carry out an initial pre-selection among the candidates. The startups that pass this first cut will pitch in front of a jury of specialists from the areas of logistics port, venture capital, product, sales, etc. at a pitch day on September 19.

During the three months of the incubation program, the startups will have access to expert and qualified mentors from the port logistics industry, specific personalized training in business areas, communication, sales, media impact, etc., everything necessary to move the project forward.

It will also make the Telefónica Open Future investment ecosystem available to the incubated companies to find financing help, as well as access to the business cluster in the Port of Valencia to validate their projects.

Both Opentop, the Valenciaport Foundation and Telefónica Open Future expect a big impact from this call and encourage registration through their website: https://opentop.es/call-incubation/

Source europapress.es

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