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One IBC Group focuses on digital transformation and innovation in the business services industry

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LONDON, March 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One IBC Group, an international business services provider with 12 years of experience and global reach, emphasized in its 2022 Action Plan that technology will be the key focus for the company’s growth. One IBC Group believes that digital transformation and innovation will not only dramatically improve its services and operations, but the entire industry will benefit and change the way it traditionally works.

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One IBC services can be used on different platforms (Photo: Business Wire)

On the way to digital transformation

In recent years, most companies have shifted their focus to technology and innovation to improve operational efficiency and better align their services with customers. With the help of revolutionary technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM), mobile applications, websites, etc., companies can now simplify their operations, customize their products and services, and adapt to the different needs of their customers.

However, not all industries can immediately join the trend towards digitization. Corporate Services is a good example. Most, if not all, business service providers in the market are still using the same technologies as they were 20 years ago. Although the services can be processed fully remotely and in some cases even automatically, nothing significant has changed since then, although customer demand is constantly increasing.

For an industry that offers so much potential for digital transformation, corporate service is still waiting for a game-changing breakthrough.

The One IBC Group innovation plan

Since its inception, One IBC Group has used technology to remotely deliver services to businesses around the world. To grow faster and compete with the big players in the industry, the company decided to focus more on technology development.

In its action plan for 2022, One IBC Group declares digital transformation and innovation as its main task. The plan established a five-year plan that identified each goal to be achieved within a specific period of time to improve the system and deploy new technologies. This includes automating the service ordering process, streamlining operations, creating a customer portal, integrating software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, and constantly updating the entire system.

“This is no longer the future. The race to innovate is now the new norm,” said Jimmy Lee, CEO of One IBC Group. “With the strong technology foundation we now have, we believe One IBC Group can bring about a revolution in the business services industry.”

Previously, in 2021, One IBC Group had launched its first mobile app. It was designed with the goal of expanding and improving the customer experience and opening up a new way of building international business.

“This is just the beginning,” Jimmy said. “As part of our continuous development and expansion, we are trying to offer more services and integrate them into our platforms. At the same time, we want to create a complete ecosystem for companies to develop their global expansion strategies.”

About an IBC group

One IBC Group is a leading provider of business services with global experience and delivery capabilities.

Since its inception, One IBC Group has strived to offer entrepreneurs, investors and business owners from around the world global expansion strategies with services ranging from company creation, trademark registration and licensing to office and secretarial services. . The company has established connections with international partners and uses advanced technologies to provide optimal services to its clients.

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