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On the International Day of Happiness… 5 secrets to raising a happy child

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The Benoni City Times offers 5 ways parents can help their children feel happy.

Many parents wonder: How can we raise happy children at this age? The good news is that happiness is within the reach of all children.

On the International Day of Happiness, which falls on March 20 each year, the Benoni City Times featured 5 ways parents can help their children feel safe, loved and happy.

Encourage children to play outside

Fresh air and sunlight go a long way in bringing happiness, so the more fresh air your baby gets, the more oxygen they will breathe, which will increase their serotonin (the happiness hormone), making them happier.

On the other hand, reducing time outdoors and excessive use of electronic screens has a negative impact on your child’s mental health, as a recent study published in the journal “Emotion” indicates that children who spend less time using electronic devices and more time participating. in activities such as playing outdoors they are happier.

Help them feel grateful for the blessings.

Your child should be taught to express gratitude in his daily life by having him write down 10 things he is grateful for every day, even if he had a bad day, this method will help him not to focus on the negative things in his life. that he will make you happy.

Make hugs a priority every day

A hug makes children feel very happy, especially if it is from someone they love, like mom or dad, and to get the maximum feeling of happiness and love from a hug, it should last seven seconds or more, and it is a way easy to make your child feel special In addition, it enhances their sense of confidence and security.

Praise their right actions often

To raise a happy and self-confident child, give him a lot of positive feedback, and show him great interest when he does something well, so that you can communicate with him more effectively.

Remember that happiness is contagious

Children can recognize the feelings of people close to them. If you are happy, your child will be too, so let your child know that there is always a reason to be happy no matter what happens in life.

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