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On behalf of Rociito

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Gossip is a godsend. Being frivolous is a godsend. It is born with the ability to have fun with the insignificant and the mighty. But being sarcastic or being a liar is a punishment in itself; it tears itself apart with misfortune and lets the lashes reach the next.

Gossip TV (incorrectly called “from the heart”) is sometimes an escape from an unjust world, but more often it’s a public space where certain individuals are harassed to make us viewers feel morally superior to (Who? I don’t know). The Jurado clan returned to the public square this week. Y On behalf of Rocio It’s the worst part of the series. The most artificial and hollow. There’s a shot before the first chapter that sums up its rawness in terms of the audiovisual narrative: a shot of Rocío Carrasco – dressed and made up by her worst enemy – getting behind the scenes (with that ugly thing, the shot in front of the character start walking) in front of a camera that is neither steady neither nor to travel.

A simple plan that every kid on TikTok makes more subtle. A French ballad in the background. Although before the release of the chapter the verdict will be given on what we will see. Rocío Carrasco gets all excited looking at plywood. It’s not gossip, it’s not frivolity. It’s not sarcastic and it’s not even annoying. Neither heaven nor hell. It’s a toston with its six letters. toston It’s only interesting when there are scenes of Rocío Jurado oozing charisma even when she sneezed.

Five hours on the grill to explain what we all know: that more people have lived off Rocío Jurado’s chest than fraggles there was at Fraggle Rock. We can talk about the impact of all this on perceptions of abuse another day.

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