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“Omicron is not mild in unvaccinated elderly”: Corona mortality rate reaches a world record in Hong Kong – knowledge

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In Hong Kong, the number of people dying from the Covid 19 disease has increased dramatically in recent days. The omicron wave hits the Chinese special administrative region hard, reports the “Financial Times” (FT).

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Since omicron was first detected, each case of corona in Hong Kong has been 20 to 50 times more deadly than in comparable countries, according to the report. Currently, five percent of infections there would end fatally. In Japan and South Korea, the percentage is 0.2 percent; in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore it is 0.1 percent. An average of 284 people die from Covid-19 in Hong Kong, according to the report.

The reason for the high deaths is the large number of unvaccinated older people, notes “FT” journalist John Burn-Murdoch on Twitter.

Christian Drosten, a virologist at the Berlin Charité, shared Burn-Murdoch’s assessment on Twitter, warning: “Omicron is not mild in unvaccinated older people.”

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