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Oltra rules out resignation after allegation: “It’s an ethical, aesthetic and political position”

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He assures that he has not discussed the matter with Puig, that he has the support of the entire Consell and that no one is negotiating to replace him

“Any comparison with the corrupt behavior of the PP is despicable,” he emphasizes in relation to his resignation requests from ex-President Camps


The Vice-President of the Generalitat Valenciana and Minister for Equality, Mónica Oltra, has ruled out resigning after she was accused of allegedly covering up the abuse of a minor under guardianship by her ex-husband, stressing that “it is an ethical, aesthetic and political position” and no staff.”I am consistent and will remain so,” he asserted and assured that he had not spoken to “President” Ximo Puig about it and felt supported by the entire Consell.

This was pronounced for the first time following the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) on the investigation, announced this Thursday in his weekly appearance as speaker after the government’s plenary session following the announcement, as usual , which the Consell approved Agreement.

The press conference took place amid high media expectations, which forced the establishment of the two press rooms in the Palau de Castellfort. Oltra has been staying across the street since the end of the government session at the Palau de la Generalitat and was given a bouquet of flowers on arrival, although it is not specified who took it.

During the performance, which lasted more than an hour, he assured that he had not spoken to Puig about his accusation, although he had seen him in the plenum and had given him “two kisses”, and that he had to meet with “It will certainly be about more profitable issues for the Valencian people”. “This is a political issue and I’m not going to put any more pressure on the ‘president’,” he said, insisting he “knows what’s there.”

She has assured that she feels supported by all members of the Valencian government and that it is wrong that her replacement is being negotiated, denying that this case is comparable to the demands she is making to the PPCV and the ” former President’ Francisco Camps in his opposition phase. “Any comparison with the PP’s corrupt behavior is hateful,” he insisted, recalling that Camps was absent from the control meetings and that she “never” went into hiding.


Regarding the TSJCV car, Oltra has pointed out that the phrase that ‘defines’ it states that ‘it is true that there is no direct evidence’ of the alleged cover-up and has since ‘repeated a hunt’ the extreme right” pointed out “There is a problem when in this country the truth is unbelievable”. “These people can’t win, it’s a political issue of democratic defense. If they do it to me, they can do it to anyone,” he said.

“We remain under the same conditions (…) No trial will change the truth and reality,” he insisted, insisting that he had already given “all the explanations” to both journalists and Les Corts.

Given his testimony on July 6th, he has recognized that it won’t be anything “nice”, although he believes he will have a “chance” there for the first time to explain himself in court and that it is “the only thing that will change”. after his submission. Of course, he has put forward that he will say “essentially” the same thing he did in his April 21, 2021 monographic appearance on the case – “I will tell the truth, which is what I have always done” – and that the “plural clues” mean that he states the order “will of course be answered in court”.


Asked if she is considering resigning if she is prosecuted, she has reiterated that “trials do not change reality or its various stages” nor “what happened five years ago.” “The simplest explanation is usually the truth,” she said another time, also recalling that she had already been charged with defending the heritage and residents of Cabanyal de València.

Regarding the testimonies of the 13 officers in his department, Oltra stated that “they said there was no direction or interference and that they worked objectively, independently and professionally”. She has denied that these workers are lying to save them and has noted that many of them she does not know or what they think or choose or whether they like or dislike them.

Referring to the pressure she has faced in recent weeks and whether this process overshadows or affects the Generalitat, she has stated that she does not feel “political exhaustion”, that it is different from personal and that she ” more under pressure” feels her department’s policy on how to end the dependency waitlist. He has also noted that he has chosen to speak out about his allegation as a spokesman because it became known this Thursday and that what he notices most on the street is people’s “ghosts”.


Despite this, he assures that he is not considering resigning: “In life, when you have convictions and my career supports them, you have to know how to withstand pressure and even personal encouragement.” She later added that anyone who knows her “can draw her conclusions” and that “people listen to all the explanations and they know what’s out there”.

In a political key questioned about her participation in the platform that Yolanda Díaz will promote, Oltra has noted that she makes no partisan statements at the Consell spokesman’s table. She also pointed out that the last time they saw each other as Vice-Presidents was in Valencia at the Congress to introduce the four-day working day.

Mónica Oltra, also co-spokesperson for Compromís, is indicted by the Civil and Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) and summoned to testify on July 6. The 15th Valencian Court of Inquiry dismissed the case in April, assessing that she was allegedly charged with criminal activity because of her status as a registered officer.

Source europapress.es

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