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Offer! A stray dog ​​takes his friend to where they feed him

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There is no doubt that the street animals They suffer a lot in their daily life.

Just stop to think about the complications these living beings have to deal with, because on many occasions they don’t have to eat or drinkin addition to climates the extremes also work against them.

This is why many puppies start approaching food companies, so people give them some food, to try to survive.

In addition, these strays often find other beings who are in the same condition to travel in pairs or in groups.

“Blacky”, the street dog who took his friend to get food

Thus, a video has gone viral on social networks showing the scholarships that there is between two street ridges.

And it is that one of them took his friend to the trade where they gave him food.

These hairy guys gave a lesson on social media, which went viral on the web, after demonstrating the camaraderie and loyalty that exists between them.

The story broke ICT Tacafter company employees register their shares.

According to the workers, who work in the restaurant located at Ecuadora street dog has been visiting them regularly for a long time.

They called “Blacky” the loin that waits just outside the store, wags its tail and waits for them to give it food.

But what’s curious about his last visit is that the black dog on the street now he led a friend, who stopped a few paces behind him.

They call to adopt or donate food

Street trade workers reminded and underlined how important it is to adopt street dogs, so that their suffering is lessened.

They also recommended that if it is not possible to adopt, they give them some food, because often they have nothing to carry in their bellies for days.

“Someone decided to invite their friends over and that’s what it’s all about, our hairy people on the street come to eat. Remember, if you can’t adopt, give them food “, they wrote in the sweet video.

Source metroecuador.com

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