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Obscene detail: Peppa Pig’s ice cream goes viral on Twitter

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The British cartoon character Peppa Pig is also sold as ice cream, including at Aldi. A customer has now discovered a small obscenity on the figure and has confronted the discount store on Twitter. He reacted confident.

The star of the Pig family is the daughter: Peppa Pig. She also has ice cream that is sold at Aldi, among others. (Image: John Keeble/Photography)

There are these drawings in which adults recognize different motifs than children. For example, a representation is known that shows two naked people or a swarm of dolphins swimming. This also has to do with which of the motifs the brain recognizes more quickly.

little pig

In this context -perhaps it could be seen this way- is a recent tweet from the British Aldistores has gone viral. the official channel @AldiUK was responding to a post from a customer named Keith, who had made an obscene association with Peppa Pig cartoon character ice cream.

Peppa was even happier.

Keith had written: “I was delighted that they sold ice cream in their supermarkets, but Peppa was apparently even happier..”

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He also posted a photo of the ice. Peppa’s character, inspired by a pig, is shown in profile in a cartoon style. Only the face is completely turned towards you. But what the customer was actually referring to: to him, Peppa’s arm at the side apparently looks like a stiff penis.

reacted to that Aldi with just one terse sentence: “Keith, that’s an arm.” It didn’t take long for the response to go viral. Meanwhile, it has been shared more than 13,500 times and liked almost 130,000 times.

That doesn’t look like an arm at all.

In the comments, some quickly corrected: “Peppa is a girl.” while others Aldi imposed the raunchy perspective: “The creator probably just meant Peppa’s big smile, I have no idea what the arm has to do with it.”

While others, including the British optician show saverwrote: “Well, it doesn’t look like an arm at all to us…” But one of the most common reactions was: “Now I can’t see Peppa like I used to.”

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