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Nutri infantil, pioneer in Ecuador with its liquid infant formula

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The feed of the stadium design up to two years of life is of vital importance for the development of the human being and to avoid malnutrition.

This step is known as First 1,000 days of life and 85% of children’s brains are formed. For this reason, the “Nutri” brand has invested in research and development processes that have resulted in the development of a new product line.

We spoke with Mauricio Coello, Head of the Pharma Unit – Nutri Infantil, which provides us with important details of the breastfeeding support product available in the Ecuadorian market, making Ecuador the second country in Latin America to have ready-to-drink liquid infant formula.

How did you come up with the creation of this liquid formula?

— We have seen over time that the problem of malnutrition in our country is more aggressive; then we review what are the causes that can lead to this malnutrition to try to give a real solution to the problem. One could deduce from this that it is only the lack of food that poses a problem, but in reality the most serious is the quality of the water. We have access to contaminated water and which allows the transfer of bacteria during the preparation of the powder formulas and is not favorable to the nutrition of the little ones.

Know where the problem was Nutri Infantil worked to homogenize, through totally sterile water and powder, delivering it ready to consume, without undergoing infection stages and resulting in a safe aseptic product in a liquid formula. Also excluding waste and a large number of processes which, by putting a powdered formula in contact with the environment, alter its composition, infect it and its effectiveness.

A curious fact is that statistics indicate that the highest quintile of the country’s economy has a 10% undernutrition, this means that in the upper class having the resources to feed the child could also present malnutrition.

Can this product be consumed while breastfeeding?

— We always recommend the breast feeding at the initial stage, because there is nothing to replace breastmilk. However, there are many cases where, for different reasons, the mother cannot breastfeed her child and with the recommendation of her pediatrician, she has the authority to prescribe the patient the ideal dietary supplement to support better development and access to the purchase of infant formula.

In the first years of life, from birth make up the tissues of the baby’s different organs This develops the immune system, its defenses against disease and environmental pollutants. In this process of formation and reinforcement of defenses It is very relevant to give the baby a safe food such as liquid infant formula. This is why our product represents an innovation in pediatric nutrition.

Tell us about “Nutri Infantil liquid infant formula”?

— The solution we give is the liquid formula to consume, you pour it into the bottle and that’s it. We advise you to consume it at room temperature and not to heat the bottle to avoid burning the infant’s mouth.

Once the contents are opened, they must be refrigerated, the opened bottle lasts 24 hours in the refrigerator when it comes to the product for stages 1 and 2. ‘Nutri Infantil liquid formula’ stage 3 can withstand up to 48 hours in refrigeration.

Are you pioneers in the Andean region in the creation of this product?

– It’s like that. The only country in Latin America that had this formula is Argentina and from there North America, Asia and Europe have it.

And in all the places where this liquid formula is consumed, it reaches a 50% of the infant formula market. In the Andean region, we, as Ecuador, are pioneers.

What nutritional benefits can we highlight from the product?

— It is a balanced and complete formula that addresses three aspects of child development: Growth, Nuerodevelopment; and the Defenses.

It has a fat balance as recommended by the WHOwith the addition of DHA and ARA, two very relevant fatty acids in neurodevelopment, also has HMO, an oligosaccharide that very few infant formulas have in the country, and which helps in the development of the child’s defenses. It also contains all vitamins and minerals relevant to each stage of a child’s development during its first thousand days.

To those nutritional benefits we must add the security of being a ready and sterile formula. By being ready to consume, we ensure that the recommended proportion of nutrients is received by the child at all times, a situation that has proven not always to be met when it comes to preparing the product at home.

Is the added value of this product that it contributes to the nutrition of children from their first days of life?

– There has been a lot of talk lately about first 1000 days, from day 1 of conception until the child is 2 years old. The fundamental element is that during this period the child develops the 85% of his brain. That’s why we say the first 1,000 days are worth more than 100 years. So if we care for and nurture the child well, what we do is an investment for them to have the best results in the future. Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge about these issues and many people do not feed as they should and, even worse, the child is not fed properly. To counter this problem, we have launched “Nutri Infantil Liquid Infant Formula”.

Source metroecuador.com

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