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Not like Pepsi and Coke

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walt-disney (WKN: 855686) has several competitors. Among other things Netflix belongs to him as a major rival. But also Comcast And of course we must not neglect other smaller players. I am convinced that the streaming market offers strong market potential for many players. Of course, the use of the elbow for market share is still necessary.

But other factors and comparisons with the competition are also possible. According to one analyst, Walt Disney and the Disney+ streaming service may offer more potential compared to Comcast, for example. It is not a comparison between Pepsi (WKN: 851995) and Coke (NASDAQ: 850663), which reveals a lot.

Walt Disney, Comcast, Pepsi, Coca-Cola

The comparison between Pepsi and Coca-Cola is used for two strong brands. Whether they are the same is another question. But at least many see the corporations behind these brands as equals. Another parallel was drawn in an article on the US stock market portal TheStreet: Comcast and Walt Disney’s Disney+ are not on the same level. There is no comparability like with Pepsi or Coca-Cola. By comparison, the lesser-known competitor looks more like RC Cola. Not my words, but those of the American writer.

The context is that Walt Disney can leverage more pricing power on Disney+. Popular content would lead to more attractive added value for consumers. Franchises like Lucasfilm with Star Wars or Indiana Jones, the Marvel Universe or the popular classics of animated and family films offer this base, which smaller competitors do not have.

That goes to show a lot and in a way the comparison is apt. It also underlines how attractive and qualitative the Walt Disney and Disney+ offer is, which suits the masses for 8.99 US dollars or euros and can still shine with exclusive content. In the medium to long term and with stronger exclusive content, management can change the price. It would be the case for such qualitative growth.

one way to see that

Coca-Cola and Pepsi make interesting comparisons. They have nothing to do with streaming. However, the whole world knows directly what this pair in competition means. It’s also a good metaphor for differentiating the quality of Walt Disney’s own streaming services from smaller ones. The competition with Netflix is ​​perhaps one of those relationships right now. But you can definitely argue with that too.

It is important to appreciate the power of this streaming service and the monetization opportunities it offers. The US media and entertainment group is currently in a phase where quantitative growth has top priority. But once Disney+ reaches its 2024 goal of a quarter of a billion users, there will no doubt be a focus on quality as well.

Walt Disney & ComCast: Not Like Pepsi & Coca-Cola The article first appeared in The Motley Fool Germany.

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Vincent owns shares in Coca-Cola, Netflix and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool owns stock and recommends Netflix and Walt Disney and recommends Comcast and the following options. Long January 2024 $145 Call at Walt Disney and Short January 2024 $155 Call at Walt Disney.

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