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Nord Stream 1: as much gas as before maintenance

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Status: 07/21/2022 10:07 a.m.

Gas is flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline again, even more than originally planned. The utilization is around 40% and is therefore as high as before the maintenance work. This has been confirmed by the Federal Network Agency.

The volume of gas supply through the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 has increased to the level before maintenance. According to data from the website of gas pipeline operator Nord Stream AG, more than 29 gigawatt hours were delivered between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., about as much gas as announced by the Russian side. This corresponds to a utilization of approximately 40% of the maximum capacity.

The Federal Network Agency also assumes that the gas delivery volume will be the same as before the maintenance. A spokeswoman for the Federal Network Agency told the dpa news agency. Gas flows have increased. Meanwhile, authority chief Klaus Müller also wrote on Twitter that actual gas flows were higher than announcements.

Müller: higher than expected gas flows

Gas deliveries via Nord Stream 1 were therefore higher than initially forecast. According to Müller, the actual gas flows were higher than the announced orders. You could then reach the pre-maintenance level of around 40% utilization. Müller had previously tweeted that the announced delivery quantities corresponded to around 30% capacity utilization.

Because in the first hour of the gas day – that is to say between 6 am and 7 am – the level remained below the quantity announced. However, this difference will be compensated by the quantities committed before the maintenance work a week and a half ago when the system was shut down after the actual delivery stop, a Nord Stream AG spokesperson said.

Kassel-based grid operator Gascade recorded 12.5 million kilowatt hours at the German OPAL grid entry point for the 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. period and 8.96 million kilowatt hours at the NEL grid entry point .

“According to the Federal Network Agency, 30% of the total gas volume currently flows in Lubmin”, Matthes Klemme, NDR, currently Lubmin

Morning Magazine, July 21, 2022

“Political uncertainty remains”

Netzagentur boss Müller, however, stressed that “political uncertainty and the 60% reduction from mid-June” remained.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had even warned of a further reduction in delivery volumes ahead of the resumption of gas deliveries via Nord Stream 1. Although energy company Gazprom will fulfill its obligations “in full” – if a missing turbine repaired in Canada does not reach Russia, only about 30 million cubic meters of gas per day could be delivered.

ten days off

Nord Stream 1 has been out of service for 10 days since July 11 for annual maintenance. Virtually no Russian gas had been delivered to Germany since maintenance work began. The federal government had feared that the energy company Gazprom would turn off the gas tap or supply much less after the work was completed. This could have massively affected plans to fill German gas storage facilities by up to 90% by November. According to the Federal Network Agency, the value is currently 65.1%.

In an emergency, the European Commission had proposed a 15% reduction in gas consumption in EU member states – initially on a voluntary basis, but later possibly also mandatory. In the event of an emergency or abnormally high demand, the Commission has requested authorization to impose gas savings.

The price of European gas falls

Gas prices fell immediately after the resumption of gas supplies. At 149 euros per megawatt hour, the European future was 7.7% lighter than before.

“The resumption of gas delivery allows brokers to breathe easier,” portfolio manager Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners told Reuters news agency. “Of course, this does not mean that the energy crisis has been resolved by any means. But the nightmare scenario has been avoided, at least in the short term.”

More gas for Italy and Austria too

After the maintenance of Nord Stream 1, the Austrian energy group OMV will also receive more gas. Russia’s Gazprom has confirmed that about half of the agreed gas volume should be delivered, OMV told APA news agency. This also returns to the level before the maintenance of the German-Russian gas pipeline. During Nord Stream’s maintenance break, OMV only received a third of the gas ordered from Russia.

Gazprom has also promised Italy an increase in daily gas supplies. The Russian energy company wants to supply around 36 million cubic meters of gas, Italian state energy supplier Eni said. According to Eni, Gazprom has delivered around 21 million cubic meters of gas in recent days.

“No one should be reassured”

The environmental protection organization Greenpeace warned after the resumption of deliveries that the situation could change again quickly. “No one should be comforted by this news,” said energy expert Reenie Vietheer. “The only way to protect ourselves from Putin’s power plays with fossil fuels is to phase out the gas as quickly as possible.”

On the road to independence, the federal government must now, among other things, “decide on major energy savings – for example through the efficient use of heat pumps and a drastic reduction in the production of plastic” and “pursue the accelerated expansion of renewable energies”.

Gas is flowing again – but less than before

Georg Schwarte, ARD Berlin, 21.7.2022 08:54

Source www.tagesschau.de

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