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No increase in traffic jams after the end of the obligation to work from home

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Munich (dpa) – The end of the work-from-home requirement last Sunday does not have a major impact on passenger traffic.

An analysis of traffic data by map specialist TomTom for the German Press Agency showed that in most of the 26 large German cities and regions, congestion levels were comparable to before abolition. Sometimes there were even fewer traffic jams. “The lifting of the work from home obligation has not caused an increase in traffic in the morning rush hours,” said TomTom’s Ralf-Peter Schäfer.

They were considered from Monday to Thursday of the last three weeks. Most of the 26 cities and regions show very similar patterns for all three periods. The significant deviations in Hamburg and Berlin can be explained by the end of the ski holidays or a bank holiday on March 8. Only in Freiburg does the TomTom data show a significant increase in congestion levels in the last week, for which there was initially no obvious explanation.

The home office requirement has been waived since March 20. It should allow working from home during the pandemic, as long as there are no operational reasons to avoid contagion. But the theme of the home office or mobile work is not everywhere: many companies want to continue offering at least hybrid models for their employees, sometimes regardless of the pandemic.

TomTom’s analytics are based on data collected anonymously from over 600 million GPS devices worldwide. These include both the company’s navigation devices and integrated car and smartphone infotainment solutions.

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