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Ninacuro inaugurates a new nature reserve in Ecuador

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As part of its commitment to caring for nature, Jabón Vegano Ninacuro presents the initiative to preserve the rainforest in San Lorenzo, province of Esmeraldas. The Wildlife Conservation Area It is made up of 5,500 hectares, where more than 70 species of animals and a diversity of flora live, some of which are in danger of extinction in Ecuador and in the world.

The area, renamed “Ninacuro Nature Reserve” is made up of areas and forests with vegetation that performs vital ecological functions for the ecosystem, which are complemented by types of flora such as Cacao de monte, Zapote de monte and Nato. In addition, there are a significant number of fauna species, such as palm tree frog, glass frog, painted-headed turtle, piquidentate hummingbird, lesser yellow-legged swallowtail, swallowtail swallow, egret blue, among others.

This project responds to the brand’s desire to be eco-responsible and to “connect people with the best of nature”. Therefore, with this announcement, Ninacuro presents the campaign “Reserve Protectors”through which its consumers will be able to join the initiative, since for the purchase of 1 Ninacuro soap, will contribute to the preservation of 1m² of the reserve. Thus, the community acquires an important role in this project and will allow the development of the Nature Reserve and the conservation of its species.

“Ninacuro is committed to the environment and its preservation from different fields of action, which support the essence and work of the brand. Our processes are sustainable and responsible with the planet, since they do not exploit or degrade the forests.For this reason, aware that it is still possible to go further and add all possible efforts to contribute to the protection of the environment, we are proud to present today the nature reserve of Ninacuro, which represents a lung for Ecuador and the planet. says Susana Calero, marketing manager of La Fabril.

Ninacuro, the force of nature.


Source metroecuador.com

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