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Nicky Jam and the golden rules he recommends to his fans not to have a girlfriend

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July 21, 2022 at 10:31 a.m.

Nicky Jam is taking over the networks to give arguments to his fans on the best option that beats “having a girlfriend”. From its Facebook, the “old school” of reggaeton assured that “It’s better to be friends with rights” have a serious relationship.

The first main reason, according to him, is that you don’t need “introduce the family” This way they avoid being interrogated by parents, siblings, cousins ​​about whether what they have is something serious or not, or what the story was like. place where they met.

As a second rule, the singer said that there will be no jealousy problem, because there will be no need for “to fight”. Friends who have rights don’t need to fall for it, he says.

“Now is not the time to celebrate birthdays or special dates”, is the third regulation presented to Internet users. The “Think About Me” singer said if you don’t have to be aware of that because “you’re calmer.”

Finally, the fourth and last advised to walk “Curely”, free adventures are straightforward. There’s no reason to complicate things, the artist considers that if they love each other that’s the point and that’s it.

He finished the text by interacting with his subscribers. “Tell me why it’s better to be friends with rights than boyfriends”he writes at the end of the post.

The “post” garnered more than 10,000 reactions, nearly 1,500 comments, and spread quickly. The Puerto Rican has nearly 30 million followers on Facebookin instagram exceeds 43 million and ICT Tac is about to reach 5 million.

Nicky was one of the pioneers who launched the urban genre along with Daddy Yankee and other personalities who stood out in this rhythm, which continues to have a leading role even today.

Source metroecuador.com

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