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Nicest tv cop

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8652 days are – not only, but especially on television – an eternity. Because Jochen Horst’s parade role was 8652 days out of the window, youngsters can do little with the RTL commissioner of a bygone era. 8,652 days have left such deep marks on the 60-year-old actor’s face that even older people may be surprised when Horst makes half a life after the end of the service, which he had notoriously done for 1,207 days of his series career: order from a chaotic way.

“Balco” is back. The first whose actor handed over his cult figure to Bruno Eyron at the height of his sympathies in mid-1998. Despite double playing time, Horst’s successor did not have as much of an impact on the Dortmund commissioner as Jochen Horst did in 48 episodes.

So it stands to reason that RTL would hire the original for the 90-minute comeback of the great scoundrel from the fictional 90s police service, and handcuff him.

Balko, 57, “has reduced half of Tenerife to rubble,” the local investigator accuses him. With what, the review of the 24 hours prior to the shows. Nearly 24 years after his departure, the unnamed ex-cop is hired as a holiday club entertainer dressed as a dragon when his former colleague Krapp, played by the cheerful Ludger Pistor, asks for his help. (“Balko”, Thursday, RTL, 8:15 p.m.)

Promoted to Ministerial Director at the Ministry of Defence, he should approve arms manufacturer Dirk Oswald (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) at his Canary Islands estate for a suitcase bribe in arms deals with Belarus.

Because he refuses, the staunch officer wakes up next to a dead waitress in the Oswalds’ bed and then sits next to Balko in the getaway car that takes Detective Ruíz (Tamara Romera Ginés) to the interrogation table. , as the stepdaughter of the titular hero. part of a sequel that’s almost too absurd to be just a thriller. But that’s exactly what “Balko” has never been.

“How old is he now?”

When Ruhrpott’s disheveled policeman came into the spotlight in his home region 27 years ago, humor in German crime novels was limited to Kottan from Vienna (detected) or Evelyn Hamann’s secretary Adelheid (and her killers ). Before Balko spiced up the British nonsense of where they were yesterday, only Manfred Krug’s “crime scene” seemed so light-hearted.

Jochen Horst’s crime comedy was an exceptional case, earning him the Grimme Prize in 1996. Based on screenplays by Robert Dannenberg and Stefan Scheich, commercial filmmaker Félix Koch now brings us a crooks’ gun on criminal arms dealers and corrupt bureaucrats. , of which Uschi Glas as the trigger-happy weapons patriarch is the most realistic.

Musically 007, dramaturgically Cobra 11, RTL’s retired cops roll their eyes too often to be more than quotes from their past in the storm of self-referential stunts. “They shot a thriller there with Harrison Ford,” local Balko tells Krapp, who has traveled there.

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“How old is he now?” asks the latter, receiving the answer “too old to still give credibility to the action clown” and says between mutual laughs: “At some point it will be embarrassing.”

Flirting with age, Jochen Horst says by phone from his adoptive home in Mallorca, brings “a few more colors to the pot of the nineties.” Doesn’t it bother you 27 years later how much his alter ego outshines the rest of a long career?

“Not at all,” and he explains the goal of acting, “to create characters that the audience associates with, otherwise you’ve done something wrong.” Jochen Horst did a lot of things right. True fans will also love his balcony in Tenerife.

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