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News in cinema and streaming: which movies are worth watching and which are not

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Ahed’s knees

Philip Stadelmaier: The knee of a Palestinian activist, in which an Israeli politician wants a bullet, will be the subject of the next film by X. (Avshalom Pollak), who accuses his country. At a conference in the desert, he too wants to expose the government’s censorship of artists. He returns to ‘Synonyms’, in which he accompanied an Israeli in Paris Nadav Lapid back home for this angry film essay: an awkward dance with a rubber band camera, words like punches and furious cinematic energy that tears apart a country and whoever wants to tear it apart.

deep water

Annet Scheffel: Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas play a rich and boring marriage. His agreement to indulge in relationships with third parties turns into a perfidious power play with fatalities. She returns the veteran of the genre with the film adaptation of a novel by Patricia Highsmith Adrian Lyne (“9 and a half weeks”, “A fateful affair”) back after twenty years away from the screen. Somehow the chemistry doesn’t seem to have been right, the result didn’t turn out to be really sexy. The buildup of tension in the erotic thriller first seems contrived and unnerving, then chaotic and even almost comical (Amazon Prime).

Three floors

Susanna Vahabzadeh: So much misery under one roof. On Nanni Morettis In the film adaptation of Eshkol Nevo’s Israeli novel About Us, several families are enduring intertwined tragedies, most of them self-inflicted. At its best, Moretti’s film is moving, at its worst, helplessness is contagious in the face of so many human weaknesses at once.

the gangster gang

Martina Knoben: Are guinea pigs cute? Wolves, snakes, piranhas, tarantulas and evil great white sharks? trick expert Pierre PĂ©rifel turns those prejudices upside down in his feature film debut. His gang of animals with the brains Mr. Wolf, the tank destroyer Mr. Snake, the hacker Mrs. Tarantula, the quick change artist Shark and Mr. Piranha as a man for beating him is forced to participate in a rehabilitation program after a failed hit. The mix of heist movie, gangster comedy, and animal cartoon isn’t super original, but it’s fun, especially for viewers ages six and up. However, they have to deal with the bitter truth that guinea pigs in particular cannot be trusted.

jump darling

Lisa Oppermann: Her world fits into a sizzling kettle, his world flickers with neon lights, bright makeup, and accusations of bar-dancing like a drag queen. And yet, after a breakup, Russel runs away to her increasingly fragile grandmother (Cloris Leachman in her latest role, strong and fragile at the same time). the tragic comedy of Phil ConnellAt first glance, perhaps another version of the classic “Pretty Best Friends”, it is a fine psychographics of two people who fight for their autonomy.

Petite Maman – When We Were Kids

Martina Knoben: Shouldn’t parents try to be friends with their children? Celine Sciamma he doesn’t give a damn about those ideas and unites a daughter and her mother on an equal footing. In a fantastic time tunnel, which is staged without special effects as the most natural thing in the world, Nelly, about eight years old, meets her own mother when she was a child. The girls immediately become friends, play together, and Nelly is able to say goodbye to her beloved grandmother, who had just died. A magical film about pain and focused shack-building, about friendship, family and a healthy escape into fantasy.

The Wolf and the Lion

Doris Kuhn: A homecoming drama full of old-fashioned kitsch: In the Canadian wilderness, two exotically different orphaned puppies find their way into the home of a musician. He takes care of her, raises her for a year, love is great. Then the animals are kidnapped. However, both manage to free themselves and together they look for the way back. many things Gilles de Maitres The brilliant adventure is poorly constructed, but you see enough of the wolf and lion, and the animal welfare message isn’t spared either.

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