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Newborn baby survives thanks to surgery that removed a large tumor from her forehead

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A one-year-old Canadian girl has survived a three-hour operation after she developed a tumor consisting of blood vessels that continued to grow on her forehead.

Ashley McKnight shared her daughter Chloe’s story, saying her 15-month-old daughter had a small scratch on her head early on. When she was two months old, she was diagnosed with a benign hemangioma, made up of blood vessels that had collected under her skin.

Speaking of her daughter’s condition, Ashley said: “At first the tumor was flat and red, and then it started to grow on the outside of my daughter’s head. I had to take a long maternity leave to monitor and care for my daughter.”

She added: “When my kidneys got a little old, my husband and I started looking for a good surgeon to remove the growing tumor, without leaving a scar on my forehead. We met Dr. Gregory Levitin, director of birthmarks and vascular malformations of the New York Eye and Ear Hospital, through the Facebook group for parents of children with vascular tumors.”

Dr. Levitin said the kidney tumor was unusually large and difficult to remove because it was located in the forehead, where there wasn’t much extra tissue that could be removed.

Despite the difficulties, the three-hour surgery was successful and Chloe became more active as she continued to recover.

Dr. Levitin explained that it is common for children to have more energy after hemangiomas are removed because the tumors process a lot of blood and nutrients in the body.


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