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New ‘You’ Season 4 Images Have Fans Excited

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fans of the “You” series They are more than shocked, because the end of the last installment left everyone speechless, because no one imagined that Love, the woman with whom this dangerous protagonist obsessed, she could be killed by this dreaded man.

that is how this plot is gaining more and more intensity and generating multiple expectations among the public, Well, you never know what else Joe is capable of, who now decides to start a new life, with a new identity, but above all with the certainty that he must always have a goal on which to lay down his evil or his plans. which are about to be written.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the new images revealed by its filmmakers arouse so much curiosity, Well, fate is uncertain for him and for those who will now experience a part of his new story in which he will apparently be ready to become obsessed with another girl who joins this all-star cast. With this, the audience will be able to know much of what is to come in this production.

‘You’ Season 4 Footage Has Fans Excited

Until now, ‘You’ is one of the most dramatic series, dark and even disturbing that has never been seen on Netflix, for this reason, its faithful audience does not waste a minute, because each season brings unimaginable events with which the faithful follower is always ready to want to know more. that is how The newly revealed images not only give an indication of what Joe will be up to, but also what he will look like, as he has completely changed his appearance.

Now, he will look more formal, he will wear a suit and an abundant beard with which he will hide a large part of his face. And it is that after all the crimes he has committed, he still wants to be inaccessible and will avoid going to prison at all costs. But he will not be alone, because a new obsession will enter his life through Marienne, a girl he will meet when he arrives in Europe.

And it is that among the other novelties of the series is that it will take place in London, with this not only will a new life begin, but also the series will start from scratch with the history of this character. Tilly Keeper It is the actress who joins this intrigue and who will be the new wish of Joe who this time will try to repair his mistakes, but this girl will do everything possible not to hurt herself like the rest of her obsessions.

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