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New Yankees teammates Gerrit Cole, Josh Donaldson had ‘productive conversation’ after public spat

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Gerrit Cole throws a pitch against the Red Sox at Fenway Park in a gray uniform

Through the whirlpool of wonder after the Yankees landed joseph donaldsonsome may have forgotten that he and ace Gerrit Cabbage got a little involved last year following MLB’s crackdown on foreign substances.

Donaldson publicly named Cole after four minor league players were suspended due to the new rules, saying it was no coincidence that Cole’s spin rates dropped on his pitches after the rules went into effect.

Now that they’re on the same team, they just had to have a conversation about the whole thing before getting on with business as usual.

“I felt like we had a good conversation,” Donaldson said.

“I thought it was a productive conversation, for sure,” Cole added.

GM brian cashman he made sure to call Cole before the trade was announced for obvious reasons, and to let him know that the transaction was happening “that’s going to address a lot of areas of need.”

Both veterans realize they’re really good at their respective positions and are trusted to do their part to win a World Series, and that’s all that matters.

“There’s probably a little extra reason why [Cashman] contacted specifically last night, but look, if you’re committed to winning a championship, these kinds of things don’t matter,” Cole said.

“We talked and I don’t think there was really anything that needed fixing. Just a little bit of hearing from both sides and meeting a new teammate.”

Donaldson added:

“We understand that we have one goal as a team for the New York Yankees and that is to win a World Series. Obviously this organization, Cashman and the people involved in making those decisions felt that bringing me here along with the other guys that came with me would be the best thing for that. We’re excited to start the season and what the season will entail.”

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