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New: rescue bags at Lidl

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It’s not quite perfect on the outside, but it’s still delicious: In future, Lidl will offer fruit and vegetables in so-called rescue bags at a greatly reduced price.

Lidl will soon offer rescue bags. (Image: Getty Images)

The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 1.3 billion tons of food ends up in the trash every year. Mathematically speaking, all the food produced from January to May is simply wasted. In Germany alone, twelve million tons of food are thrown away every year.

According to Lidl, it has been campaigning against food waste for years and now wants to go one step further to do something about it together with customers. The discount store chain has announced that the so-called rescue bags will be on sale in branches starting in May this year. They should contain fruits and vegetables, which may not look perfect, but are still edible.

A rescue bag for 3 euros

In order to make such products palatable to customers, products such as tomatoes, carrots, bananas, cucumbers or courgettes must be offered at greatly reduced prices. A paper bag full of fruit and vegetables is available at Lidl for 3 euros.

With these offers, Lidl wants to save food.  (Image: Lidl)

With these offers, Lidl wants to save food. (Image: Lidl)

“With the holistic ‘Save Me’ concept in our branches, we want to work with our customers to save food in targeted ways. We can reduce food waste, especially with fruit and vegetable items, by offering less-than-perfect products at a deep discount,” explains Elisabeth Koep, head of CSR and sustainability at Lidl in Germany, the new building block of Lidl’s food rescue.

Part of a concept against food waste

According to Lidl, the project is part of the “internal concept against food waste throughout the value chain”, which is continuously being developed. By 2025, the company aims to reduce organic waste by 30 percent. The concept includes ordering products according to need, discounts for items with a short shelf life, food delivery to the table, and the recycling of food that is no longer edible in biogas plants.

“It often lasts longer than you think”

Customers can already find boxes from other product groups at the discounter, offering products of impeccable quality at half price a few days before the best-before date.

In addition, with the eye-catching print “Often lasts longer than you think” on various products such as milk or yogurt, the food retailer reminds people that food can often be enjoyed even after the date has passed. of expiration.

Lidl has more on the topic of saving food and tips on how to use food completely or make it last longer here compiled on your website.

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