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New OS quickly drains iPhone battery

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After months of anticipation, Apple has finally released the iOS 15.4 update for iPhone devices this week.

The update includes several cool features, including 37 new emoji, a neutral voice for Apple’s smart assistant Siri, and the ability to unlock an iPhone while wearing a skin.

While many iPhone users downloaded the new update after a long wait, many reported that the new update is taking a toll on their battery life.

On Twitter, one user wrote: “Battery drain on ios 15.4 is ridiculous, why can’t Apple release builds smoothly the first time? Charge dropped 5% in less than 10 minutes.”

Another user posted an image of how quickly their battery has drained since installing the update, writing, “Help me Apple, my battery is draining so fast.”

Fortunately, the battery problems are not likely to continue, explained Adrian Hughes, a researcher at
ZDNet “Installing a new OS on an iPhone runs a lot of things in the background, from indexing to battery reset, and this can take hours or even days, and not only consumes power, but recalibrates the battery and can give the impression that the battery drains faster when in fact it does not.

“Add to that the double factor of lots of app updates after installing a new version, along with lots of new features available that can wear out more old phones,” added Hughes.

And if you’re worried about your iPhone’s battery and it’s been a few days since you updated to iOS 15.4, Mr. Hughes recommends checking your battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.


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