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New album “2001” coming in November


Tokyo Hotel
New album “2001” coming in November

Tokio Hotel will release their new album ‘2001’ in November – and with it a ‘homecoming’.

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Tokio Hotel will release a new album in November. The title “2001” refers to the year the band met.

Tokio Hotel is back – with a new album that also recalls their debut. Like the group announced on Instagram, the “2001” disc can now be pre-ordered. The band’s sixth studio album will be released on November 18, 2022, according to a press release.

The band’s last album, “Dream Machine”, is now about five years old and there is a pandemic. Singer Bill Kaulitz (32) recalls in a press release that the confinement gave the group time to be creative with each other again. For the first time “in a long time, it was kind of like back then, over 20 years ago,” Kaulitz says of the recording sessions.

All facets of Tokio Hotel from the past two decades

This also explains the title of the new long player: “2001” refers to the year when the group first met and founded. “On the one hand, the album goes back to basics, but it also combines all the facets of Tokio Hotel from the last two decades,” explains Kaulitz. Among others, “When We Were Younger” and “Durch den Monsun 2.0” are included in addition to 14 other songs.

A big tour for Tokio Hotel is also planned, which will take them to cities like London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin and finally Katowice in Poland in April and May 2023.



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