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Neukölln neo-Nazi Maurice P. in court since April

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Neo-Nazi Maurice P. from Neukölln, one of the masterminds behind the Berlin NPD’s so-called “protection zones” PR campaign, is due in court from April 6. A court spokeswoman confirmed a corresponding report from the “Morgenpost” (subscription) on request.

P. is accused of, among other things, attacking and stabbing a Jamaican man in Rudow in July 2021 for racist motives. It is also said that he was involved in a fight between left and right extremists in Neukölln and that he showed the forbidden Hitler salute in front of the monument to the murdered Sinti and Roma in the Tiergarten.

In the collective lawsuit filed by the Public Ministry, he is charged with serious crimes of disturbing public order, dangerous bodily injury, use of unconstitutional plates and use of prohibited club plates. The indictments span the years 2018 to 2020.

Observers of the scene doubt that P., as the “Morgenpost” writes, is a “prominent figure” of the Berlin neo-Nazi scene. So far there is no known evidence of closer contacts between P. and neo-Nazi cadres around one of the main suspects in the Neukölln series of attacks, former NPD district chief Sebastian T.

T. is considered one of the most important leaders of the neo-Nazi scene in Berlin and is currently particularly involved in the far-right micro-party “III. Outside”.

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According to all available information, the NPD buffer zone campaign, which P. helped start, was purely propaganda, involving mostly only single-digit numbers of neo-Nazis. After 2018, not much was heard about the campaign and the NPD’s alleged attempt to set up a far-right vigilante group in Berlin.

However, according to information from the Tagesspiegel, as the Morgenpost also writes, P. is listed as an “extreme right-wing threat” by the state security service of the State Criminal Police Office and is therefore one of the 71 neo-Nazis who are under closer observation across the country. It is not clear what exactly led to this classification. A certain disposition to use violence, which results from the attacks of which he is accused, would be evident.

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