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Networking, pitches and good food: we have planned these events of the start-up scene for you

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The coming months will be dominated by the Start-up scene events. We invite you to exclusive dinners and networking events in five cities. So that you can expand your network, meet the editors of Gründerszene in person or get an idea of the If you can receive topics from the digital economy, we will serve you in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Leipzig. We are deeply rooted in the startup scene and we know its challenges. Our first-class featured speakers report on their learning and working processes. The guests are carefully selected. So if you want to be there, you should grab the opportunity now, and mark the following dates on your calendar!

Don’t want to miss out on the events of the startup cutscene either? Then get an overview now and find the right event for you!

Exclusive dinners for the perfect exchange

Our Founder Scene Dinner we have extended this year for you. For the first time we are organizing a Female Leaders Dinner, exclusively for women in the startup scene. Ours also celebrates its premiere CMO Dinner. The format allows leading marketers to exchange ideas about food and beverages. Also, we go with our tried and true kick-off dinners to other cities. that’s the beginning CFO Dinner Startup Scene held on March 17 in Berlin, where the financial director of Gorillas, Elmar Broscheit, was invited.

Attention HR Professionals, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and Women Leaders! High-quality networking awaits you at the start-up scene dinners in an exclusive setting. Don’t miss out and apply now!

Networks at the highest level

Anyone who is interested in even more networking and would like to expand their network beyond their own industry is in the Start-up scene, late shift precisely. The event brings together founders, startup representatives from management positions, business angels and VCs in a relaxed atmosphere. Both venture capital pitches startups can present their business ideas to selected investors and gain valuable contacts. Meeting new entrepreneurs every minute makes it possible speed network possible. and in that office hours With the editors of Gründerszene there are not only comments, but also useful advice on PR work.

Are you looking for the ultimate networking and investment opportunity? Then apply now for the night shift start-up in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Leipzig!

What’s left? Security First!

The start-up scene events again offer Corona-compliant measures this year in accordance with current federal and state regulations. Current regulations always apply.

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