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Netflix series “Part of Her”: From a standstill to a number one – Media – Society

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No one would wish for such a 30th birthday. At night, Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) in the Netflix series “Part of Her” was still doing his uplifting little duty in the emergency room of the local police station on Belle Isle – a place in South Georgia that is particularly appreciated by older people – and then on her day of honor partying alone with her mother in a restaurant.

What happens next is likely to overwhelm most people. In the middle of the birthday dinner, a gunman shoots several visitors to the inn before turning on Andy, who is still in uniform and, in the face of great danger, turns into a pillar of salt.

[„Ein Teil von ihr“, acht Episoden, bei Netflix]

Not so her mother Laura (Toni Collette). She bravely stands up to the attacker, who now wants to stab her with a knife. The blade jams in Laura’s hand, so she slashes the man’s throat with it.

This brave approach leaves daughter Andy almost as perplexed as the killer. At this point, she has no idea what other sides of her mother she doesn’t know about.

The Netflix series, based on the novel “Pieces of Her” by Georgia bestselling author Karin Slaughter, was available on the Reed Hastings streaming service for a few days.

During this time, the eight-part series made it to the top of the top 10 Netflix series in Germany from scratch. With that, “Part of Her” even surpassed “Vikings” spinoff “Valhalla” and also pushed shooting star “Inventing Anna” down the ranks.

Made for a TV series

The surprising success is explained above all by the fine plot of the novel. Karin Slaughter has designed a story that almost cried out for a series adaptation. With each new episode, another layer of understanding is discovered to slowly get to the core, which is in the past. More even than Andy counts in years.

The plot never loses focus, which despite all the suspenseful elements stays close to the mother-daughter relationship. Because behind everything there is always the question of what we really know about the lives of our parents since before we were born. In her case, so little that the young woman stops talking regularly. By the way, the same applies to Andy’s father.

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However, there is another explanation for the success of Part of Her, and it has to do with the amazing cast of the Netflix series. Toni Collette has taken on the role of the tough Laura Oliver. She was nominated for an Oscar in 1999 for her performance in the psychological thriller The Sixth Sense opposite Bruce Willis. She most recently was seen in “Knives out”.

His serial daughter Andy, also known as Bella Heathcote, became known mostly through the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray – Dangerous Love” and through the Amazon Prime series “The Man in the High Castle”, in the who played the niece of Joseph Goebbels.

In general, “Part of Her” is almost an annual gathering of well-known actors and popular broadcast hits. There are also: the star of “Game of Thrones” Joe Dempsie, Omari Hardwick of “Army of the Dead”, David Wenham of “Iron Fist” or veteran actor Terry O’Quinn, fans of the series no less important as John Know Locke in Lost. .

Other names could be added to the list. In any case, one thing is for sure: the plot even allows for a sequel. However, Netflix has not yet commented on the matter.

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