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Netflix movies to laugh at the crazy things we do in the name of love

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Whoever hasn’t splurged out of love, let him cast the first stone. In this sense, no one is spared, because when you fall in love, you are able to make many sacrifices and sign up for many adventures, as these prove Netflix movies.

These are the best demonstrations of our feelings, although remembering this nonsense we can’t believe what we did and we laugh, like with those comedic stories perfect for a marathon.

Netflix movies about the crazy things we do for love

A fake wife

It’s one of the best movies available on the streaming service because it takes us to meet unconditional love in the worst possible scenario: pretending to be the ex of the man she loves so he can conquer a young woman.

The intention is to show Palmer that his love for her is so great that he is about to divorce his wife and they “have” two children. It features Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the lead roles.

crazy for her

After spending an incredible night together, Adri discovers that there is only one way to see Carla: must enter the psychiatric center where she is hospitalized.

A perfect match

To win over an important client, an enterprising wine executive works on a sheep farm in Australia, where he crosses arrows with a rough and mysterious local.

This gripping comedy starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos It was created last month and has been very receptive by subscribers.

parade of hearts

In that same series of clichéd but equally captivating Netflix romantic movies, we cannot leave out this direct launch from Poland.

A woman who is afraid of dogs travels to Krakow to save her job. There she meets a charming widower, his son… and his four-legged best friend. Even if the beginning will not be easy, it will be a way to open your heart.

Source metroecuador.com

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