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Netflix Money Heist: The 8 biggest differences between the original and the Korean remake

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Money Heist: Korea is one of Netflix’s formats that continues to grow the Money Heist universe after the original series ended in Season 5. The question remains: How much does the remake from South Korea really differ from the English original? At first glance, surprisingly little. We made you die 8 biggest changes of the remake picked out.

Netflix’s Money Heist Korea changes little on the Spanish template

While the Money Heist trailer promised changes and even talked about an “all-new heist,” viewers of the original Spanish series will find out pretty quickly that Money Heist Korea is the Attack on a money printing plant, including the taking of hostages, followed almost 1:1.

Watch the trailer for Money Heist Korea here

Money Heist Korea – S01 Trailer (German) HD


However, we are interested in the differences. This does not mean small gestures, such as the new professor pushing up his glasses differently or the inspector now putting up her hair with a hair tie instead of a pin, but the really important things that give the Netflix series a new spin.

1. House of Money Change: From Spain to Korea

The most obvious difference between the original and remake series is of course the (title-giving) location. From Madrid, Spain, we go to a money printing company in the new divided economic zone between North and South Korea. Strictly speaking, Money Heist Korea is a social sci-fi narrative in which the two countries that have been separated for decades reconcile and open their borders in the year 2025. Some prejudices against each other have to be overcome – or are exploited by the robbers, for example when the hostages of different origins are played off against each other.

Money Heist Korea: The New Investigators

2. House of Money difference: The new detective duo

Because the raided money printing plant of the new Korean currency is in a border region, (similar to series formats such as The Bridge – Transit to Death) Investigators from both countries dispatched to the crisis situation. The South Korean negotiator Seon Woo-jin (Yunjin Kim from Lost) plays the exact part of the Spanish inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño). Their Spanish partner Angel (Fernando Soto), on the other hand, is reinterpreted as North Korean special agent Captain Cha Moo-hyuk (Seong-oh Kim), in order to further expand the country conflict in terms of personnel.

3. House of Money change: The new masks

Visually, the look of Netflix’s Korean remake closely resembles the Spanish original, with its iconic red jumpsuits, white staircases, and black guns. Only in one point has the fashion of bank robbers changed: The altered house of money masks are no longer based on the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, but now represent South Korean ones Hahoe masks give. These traditional Korean “valley” masks were formerly worn in drama and dance performances, and were sometimes used at funerals.

Money Heist (Korea): Misun / Monica is (not) pregnant?

4. House of Money difference: The not pregnant hostage

While Mónica Gaztambide alias Stockholm (Esther Acebo) carries a child of the print shop boss Arturo Román (Enrique Arce) in the Spanish Money Heist, her counterpart is Misun (Joo-Bin Lee) according to the current status of the first 6 episodes of season 1 not pregnant at all. die initially fake pregnancy is just a means of pressure that she first brings into play against director Cho Youngmin (Myeong-hoon Park) and later by him against the hostage-takers.

5. House of Money Change: The Professor and His Cafe

Unlike the original professor in Money Heist (Álvaro Morte), who only approaches the investigator during the heist, the Korean professor (Ji-tae Yoo) has planned his ensnarement of the negotiator for a long time: Yes two months before the robbery he opened a café. In the back room he makes his calls and monitors, in the front he serves sandwiches and lays the foundation for the relationship with his opponent. A nice cross-reference here: The professor’s restaurant is called “Bella Ciao”, meaning the old house of money anthem.

Money Heist Korea: the new Berlin

6. Money Heist Difference: Berlin’s Backstory

The fact that Rio was a medical student in the new Money Heist before his hacking career and Tokyo was a North Korean soldier doesn’t add much that is new to the plot at the moment. On the other hand, dying is more exciting Change in the history of Berlin (Pedro Alonso / Hae-soo Park). there is currently nothing to suggest that he is the brother of the professor. The Spanish professional burglar becomes the country’s most wanted criminal in Netflix’s reinterpretation. After 25 years in a North Korean prison camp, he escaped across the border.

7. Money Heist Change: The Junkyard Escape with Chase

The initial situation, that an improperly scrapped car of the gang BECOMES a danger, remains the same in Korea. However, it is solved differently in both series: while the Spanish professor disguises himself as a homeless man in order to narrowly escape after fingerprints have been removed, a chase takes place in Netflix’s remake, in which the professor finally escapes the incriminating car by diving into a mess .

Money Heist Korea: The New Professor

8. House of Money Difference: The Professor’s “Blame”.

Netflix’s remake of the Korean series only adds the most exciting new (political) facet at the very end of the 6 episodes. While Spain’s mastermind simply planned his perfect heist for a long time, the Korean professor has other motives: he was once a real professor of economics who co-developed the association’s North-South Korea plan. But his idea that balance can only be achieved when all commercial advantages are met has been turned into its opposite, with only the rich getting better off the situation. At the same time, House of Money Korea becomes a story of revenge for his failed utopia.

In the end, the following still applies: what sounds like a lot of changes between the two houses of money series are only small things that have been taken seriously. In its basic features, the remake sticks very closely to the original with decisive plot twists such as band members angry at each other, a camera team to check hostages, glasses cameras, listening devices and temporarily swapped masks.

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Have you noticed any other changes between the original and remake series of Netflix’s Money Heist?

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