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Netflix is ​​testing the function to pay for sharing user accounts

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The days when a subscriber to the online movie streaming service Netflix can password his account with his friends and family are numbered, as Netflix revealed a new feature that allows you to prevent the participation of more than one person who lives in different places. in the use of the same account

The ease of accessing the Netflix service “created some confusion (within the service) in determining when and how to sign up for a single Netflix account,” said Shinji Long, Netflix’s chief innovation officer. “As a result, multiple families share one account, which affects our ability to invest in producing great new shows and movies for our members.”

Long went on to say that the company is currently working on developing a program that will allow an account to be used by more than one family in an easy and secure way, in exchange for paying a small additional amount.

And the website Cnet.com, specialized in technology issues, reported that the new feature will be tested in Costa Rica, Chile and Peru in the coming weeks.

Under the new feature, Netflix subscribers, whether standard or premium, will be able to add an “extra member” feature as a sub-account for two additional people who don’t live with the subscriber at the same location, in exchange for paying the equivalent to $3 per month in Costa Rica and Chile and $2.1 in Peru. Each subaccount will have its own password.

To make it easier to switch, account holders at all levels can allow people who currently use their account to transfer their account to a new account or a sub-account. At the same time, when the original account holder tries to access the account from a place other than his home, he must first enter a code to verify identity.


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