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Netflix is ​​testing shared account usage fees

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The Netflix streaming service is testing the introduction of a fee system for the sharing of user accounts. Options are being worked on for subscribers “to share their subscription outside of their home … and also pay a little more,” the US company’s product manager, Chengyi Long, said on Wednesday. Initially, users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru will be affected in the coming weeks.

So far, Netflix has barely cracked down on the fact that many subscribers pass on their passwords to family and friends and can then use the account for free. According to Long, customers in the three test countries will in future have to pay between two and three euros per month to be able to open up to two “sub-accounts” for this purpose.

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, Netflix was still recording strong customer growth, but this had already slowed down significantly in the last year. The latest quarterly figures sent Netflix shares plummeting.

At the same time, competition in the streaming market continues to increase. Competitor Disney+ in particular is showing strong growth. In addition, the costs of producing your own series and movies are increasing.


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