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Netflix introduces an external subscription link button on iOS devices


MADRID, July 25 (Portaltic/EP) –

Netflix introduced a button in the iOS application that redirects to an external webpage from which to complete the platform subscription process.

The company announced at the end of March last year that it wanted to allow it the “reading” apps (newspapers, books, music, etc.) that were part of the App Store could integrate external links to their own websites to manage their accounts.

These applications had to provide the basic features of these types of services, as well allow users to register, Access to previously purchased content and services outside of the application.

As recently confirmed 9to5Mac, The app introduced the new iOS API for reading apps, which takes the user to an external website before subscribing.

In this way, when the button to subscribe to this streaming content platform is selected, the application will warn users that it is “about to exit the app and go to an external website.”

Netflix also states that the transaction has already been made from this site is not Apple’s responsibility and that “any accounts or purchases made are managed by the developer.” In this case from Netflix.

In this way, both the shop account and the stored payment methods and related functions, including refund requests, will no longer be available.

9to5Google also reminds that Netflix does not have to pay thanks to this option 30 percent commission for each subscription taken out in the iOS applications.

From this portal, they warn that the exact date when the implementation of this button began for iPhone and iPad users is unknown, but they indicate that this launch would have taken place worldwide.

It is worth remembering that Netflix has given up subscriptions within the app in 2018, when it released an update to its iOS version that removed the option to subscribe directly from the “app” for iPhone and iPad.

To subscribe to this service, users had to go to the Netflix website through their Safari web browser and register for the service before being able to access the application.


Source europapress.es

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