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Netex signs a new agreement with the Government of the Canary Islands for more than 700,000 euros

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Netex, a Spanish technology company specialized in distance learning solutions for the business and educational ecosystem at an international level, has closed a new agreement with the Government of the Canary Islands for the contracting of the support for the educational integration of ICT in public educational centers of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

This is the third agreement signed by the technology company with the Canary Government and in this case it falls within the framework of the project “Use and quality of ICT in the educational environment” of the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, entails an economic endowment of 722,861.56 euros and will run until March 2023.

The project will be completed by the actions aimed at the integration of ICT and the effective use of digital learning technologies carried out in previous projects. As a result of this new Collaboration with UTE Netex and Altia It will develop teaching materials, learning situations and digital content of various capacities adapted to the Autonomous Community: interactive infographics on Canarian biodiversity, video tutorials on applications, on illustrious illustrations of the Community, complementary material for language teaching, etc.

As pointed out Manuel Sergio Fortes Gómez, Coordinator of the Educational Technology Area, of the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sport of the Government of the Canary Islands: “For the implementation of projects of this magnitude, it is often necessary for public administrations to rely on specialized private companies that enrich, complement and collaborate with public resources. This is already the third contract that we have signed with both companies and we would like to highlight that the experience has always been very fruitful and successful”.

The project also addresses the developments and integrations necessary for a digital educationsuch as the implementation of an educational resource cataloging service, solutions for academic registration, creation of a student assessment tool and improvement of educational applications.

In the words of Carlos Ezquerro, CEO of Netex: “We want to thank the Canarian Government for once again trusting Netex to develop and implement digital learning solutions for students in the Canarian community.”

“This type of educational content and solutions are key to modern, quality education. In addition, in the scenario posed by COVID-19, these services have become especially relevant due to the forced acceleration of digital transformation, as they allow continuity of part of the teaching activity from our homes”, they explain from the company.

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