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NASA analyzes Jezero crater, considered the most active source of “poetry demons” on Mars

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Translated two thermoses into English dust devilsyou “the demons of poetry (in Portuguese) are very powerful redemoinhos native to arid environments. I have this information in mind, JAR declares that for Jezero Crater This is the most active local March. Let’s understand better?

With an article published in a magazine Scientists progressresearchers from various entities, including the US space agency, assessed the environment in an initiative called The Dynamic Atmospheric and Aeolian Environment of Jezero Crater, Mars.

According to the Detailed Hair Portal FayerWayer, for the final evaluation to be possible, they will count with data from the Mars 2020 mission of the aerospace agency, such as the Perseverance rover in the region. In the gerais lines we will see the spacecraft’s first 216 days on the planet Vermelho, with footage recorded from the main navigation camera.

It should be mentioned that these storms charge the planet at all times, giving Mars a yellow-açafrão tom. But then, where do we see these turbulences? Confirm the answer from the do highlight.

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Second or FayerWayer, plan for dunes and rough surfaces. For you to understand better, due to the wind, it will go up to poeira and therefore generate turbulence. And, if you were curious, you knew that more than Perseverance was recording a 4 square kilometer cloud.

Claire Newmannwho is the main author of the article, states: “We believe these uplift bursts are rare, but we can be held responsible for much of the Earth poetry that fluctuates in the Martian atmosphere or all the time,” I have explained.

There could be new “poetry demons” on Mars

On or subject, Newman explained: “Every time we come to a new place on Mars, it’s an opportunity to better understand the planet’s climate. […] We have a regional poetry storm ahead of us in January, but we’re not halfway through poetry season yet, so there’s a good chance we’ll see more ‘poetry fiends’”completed.

For your time, or Jet Lab’s MEDA researcher, Manual of the Torre Juarezcommented : “The Jezero Crater may be one of the most active sources of poetry on the planet. Any new things we learn about poetry will be useful for future missões”.


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