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NAMSA announces planned acquisition of contract research company ÅKRN

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Acquisition to strengthen cardiovascular expertise and regional presence in Europe

TOLEDO, Ohio and MADRID, March 22, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NAMSA, a leading international medical device contract research organization (CRO) providing end-to-end global development services, today announced its intention to become ÅKRN Scientific Consulting, a preeminent European firm medical device contract research. (CRO) based in Madrid, Spain.

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ÅKRN, established in 2018, specializes in providing outstanding clinical and regulatory services to the diagnostic and medical device industries in Europe. With roots in medicine and science, the company helps sponsors take medical device products from medical discovery through clinical development, commercialization and post-market follow-up. ÅKRN’s team of clinical scientists and project managers are known for their cardiovascular research expertise and are trusted advisors to customers with careful planning and excellent execution throughout the clinical development process.

“We are very pleased to welcome ÅKRN to NAMSA,” said Dr. Christophe Berthoux, Executive Director of NAMSA. Highly respected in the MedTech space, adding them to our team will allow us to deepen our expertise and meet the growing demand for safe products, efficient clinical development, and commercialization of life-changing medical products,” said Dr. Berthoux.

Since 1967, NAMSA has been a world leader in medical device testing and also supports sponsors in the areas of regulation, reimbursement, quality, and clinical research. NAMSA’s extensive ongoing development services help clients overcome development hurdles, alleviate concerns and optimize go-to-market efforts. Through proactive planning for the world’s diverse regulatory requirements and clinical research commitments, NAMSA’s services have been shown to reduce time to market and development costs by up to 50 percent over the industry average.

“ÅKRN is a great partner for NAMSA. I believe we are a perfect match in terms of company values ​​and a team that shares the same drive to provide exceptional service and resources to the medical device and diagnostic industries,” commented Dr. Maria Nyåkern, CEO of ÅKRN, “Our team, with deep roots in medicine and science, looks forward to working with NAMSA as we continue to expand our presence globally and in Europe. With the enhanced expertise of our combined organizations, we will emerge as a world leader in cardiovascular research services,” concluded Dr. Nyakern.

The acquisition of ÅKRN increases NAMSA’s global reach, which now serves medical device customers from 19 locations across APAC, Europe, North America and South America.

The price and terms of the proposed transaction were not disclosed.


Since 1967, NAMSA has been helping medical device sponsors improve health care. NAMSA is the leading international medical device contract research organization (CRO), providing global end-to-end development services. Driven by its global regulatory expertise and deep therapeutic knowledge, NAMSA is committed to accelerating medical device development and providing only the best-proven solutions to move customers’ products through the development cycle efficiently and cost-effectively. From medical device testing to regulatory, reimbursement and quality consulting to clinical research services, NAMSA is the industry’s leading and trusted partner for successful development and commercialization outcomes.
Web: www.namsa.com


With roots in medicine and science, ÅKRN helps sponsors make the transition from medical discovery to clinical development, commercialization and post-market monitoring. ÅKRN provides streamlined clinical and regulatory services that are cost-conscious and carefully tailored to medical technology customers and partners. ÅKRN’s expertise covers many therapeutic areas of medical technology, including cardiovascular devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).
Web: www.akrnconsulting.com

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NAMSA Media Contact
Leah A. Davidson, MA, MBA, PCM
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Communications
Email: [email protected]

ÅKRN media contact
Maria Nyakern, MSc, PhD
Email: [email protected]

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