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Nail polish dries faster: With these tips you can avoid nail manicure mistakes

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Would you like your nail polish to dry faster? Applying polish under the pressure of time is no longer a problem with these practical tips.

Applying nail polish actually takes a bit of time and patience. If you don’t have time to let the nail polish dry completely, the result is often unavoidable: unsightly quirks and scratches on the nails. It doesn’t have to be! We show you the best tricks to dry nail polish quickly.

How long does nail polish take to dry completely?

With standard nail polish that does not have a quick drying effect, the first coat needs about five minutes to dry. The second quarter even takes ten to fifteen minutes. As a result, you should always allow around half an hour for the application – or you can take advantage of our advice.

This is what counts when applying nail polish

When painting nails there are a number of things that can be done to ensure that the paint dries faster later on. The rule is: two thin coats are better than one thick coat of nail polish. If the color has not yet reached the desired opacity after the first application of polish, just give your nails another thin layer of color after two to three minutes. The advantage of layering on the nails is that the individual layers dry faster than a thick layer of paint, thus avoiding errors.

Point: There are fast drying nail polishes that dry in 60 seconds and are so wonderful for a quick coat of paint in between. And top coats or special top coats also make your nail polish harden faster. Simply apply regular nail polish to your nails as usual, wait two minutes, then apply top coat over nail polish.

Dry Nail Polish Faster: These Five Tips Will Help You

1.Dry nail polish faster with ice water

It looks weird but works: Nail polish dries better in the cold. Cold water is particularly effective. This is how it works :

  1. Fill a standard kitchen bowl large enough to fit both hands in at once with cold water. Then add four to five ice cubes.
  2. Now start painting your nails. After application, allow the paint to dry for approximately 90 seconds.
  3. You can now dip your fingertips into the bowl of ice water for about two minutes. You should keep your hands as still as possible, otherwise there is a risk of stains such as flux marks. Rapid freezing allows the varnish to dry quickly.

Quick advice: You can also do your nails under a jet of cold water dungeon. Make sure, however, that the jet is not too strong, so that no bumps form in the paint.
Danger: Some paints are sensitive to cold and become porous. To avoid this, it may be a good idea to test your nail polish’s reaction to the cold on one nail first.

Nail polish dries faster: With these tips you can avoid nail manicure mistakes

2. Dry nail polish faster with lacquer

Also a regular hairspray can help nail polish dry faster. Spray a small amount on the painted nails from a distance of about 20 centimeters. Products with a high alcohol content remove moisture from the paint, which usually causes it to dry immediately. A small drawback: Hairspray also removes moisture from the skin. With a rich hand cream, however, dry, cracked patches on the hands can be avoided.

3. Dry nail polish faster with drying spray

There are drying sprays specially designed for drying nail polish in pharmacies. They contain so-called drying oils, which allow the solvents in the paint to evaporate faster, causing it to harden in no time.
Important: When applying the Quick-drying sprays Be sure to keep a distance of 30 centimeters, otherwise the paint layer may be ruined.

4. Dry nail polish faster with drying drops

Similar to how dry sprays work Drops to harden nail polish (also available in pharmacies). To do this, simply put a drop or two on your nails and wait until the liquid is completely absorbed. The nail polish should then dry in about 60 seconds.

5. Dry nail polish faster with UV light

UV devices are often used in professional nail salons. Not without reason: Thanks to UV light, they dry nail polish quite reliably in just two minutes. Now there are such UV lamps for home manicures, but they are not cheap.
Danger: Not all polishes are cured by UV light, only those that contain polymers – these are mostly gel polishes.

Point: On a sunny day, you can simply let your nail polish air dry. Sun exposure will dry it out faster.

These tips are often touted but not helpful

Dry nail polish faster by blowing, shaking or drying?

This misconception persists: nail polish dries particularly quickly if you dry it with a hair dryer, dry it with waves or use a hair dryer. But it is a mistake! The air from the hair dryer only dries the paint on the surface and remains soft underneath. This can lead to the damaged manicure or nail polish shatters faster during the day.

Here’s how it works best: Work with the cold or try one of the tips above. And then nothing stands in the way of looking wow with freshly painted nails.

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