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Multifunctional outdoor lantern: it takes camping to the next level

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July 29, 2022 at 09:00

Good lighting can make all the difference when camping. This Karst Waterproof Outdoor LED Lantern is packed with details to make your outdoor life more enjoyable.

With ouTask, Karst presents a particularly versatile LED lamp. (Source: Karst)

  • The LED ouTask lamp from Karst was made in the form of a tripod.
  • It can be extended over a meter like a telescope and magnetically adheres to metal surfaces.
  • You can also rotate the LED unit for different effects.

At first glance, ouTask looks like a flashlight. But it’s much more than that: thanks to the folding magnetic feet, you can, for example, attach this LED lantern to a mobile home. Of course, it slips easily into a backpack and looks great on a camping table. The real highlight is in the upper part of the lamp.

Introducing the Karst LED Lantern

You can pull out the LED unit more than 1 meter at one time and let the light shine in different directions. This makes the lamp even more interesting for YouTubers and influencers. Everything is possible, from spotlights to diffused and indirect light. You can also use ouTask as a lure for insects. Simply place the lamp a little away from your camp.

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As for the color of the light, you have the choice between a bright white light or a more comfortable yellow tone which is suitable for the evening hours. Of course, the case is stable and waterproof (IPX6 standard). You can even completely submerge the head of the light in water if you accidentally sink your bunch of keys during a night swim in the lake.

price and availability

Karst’s OutTask is currently an item a Kickstarter campaign. During this, you can secure the LED lantern for the price of 99 US dollars (96 euros). You can expect delivery in October 2022. Shipping is worldwide. The lamp will cost around 125 euros in regular stores. At this point we’ll bring you some more highlights of the year’s campsite. We recently tested Jackery’s solar generator for you.

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